Recently, Fu Xinping, a 52-year-old middle school geography teacher in Zhejiang, went on a "verification" trip at his own expense.

He traveled across four cities and eight counties in Zhejiang Province, carrying a drone, and took aerial photos of the campus conditions in the eight counties at different times, and used this as a material to initiate a real-name report through the "Zheli Office" platform, all of which were related to "make-up lessons". .

  This move quickly aroused widespread concern and discussion.

One side of public opinion believes that he has done "good things" and is "light in the hearts of students"; the other side is constantly accusing him.

  On August 11, a reporter from Chengdu Business Daily-Red Star News contacted Fu Xinping himself.

He told reporters about his "verification" trip and responded to questions from public opinion.

  Chengdu Business Daily-Red Star News reporter Lu Yanfei, intern Yan Ya Zeng Yi

  Teachers have reported that many schools have made up their summer classes and the education bureaus in many places have responded

  Fu Xinping is a middle school geography teacher with many years of teaching experience in Zhejiang.

This summer, he planned to go to Hainan for vacation, but he changed his itinerary due to the epidemic in Hainan, and finally decided to travel around Zhejiang.

  But traveling around is not just about seeing the scenery, he has another plan to implement.

He wrote in his study tour record: This is a planned trip. I want to take the opportunity to see the actual summer vacation supplementary courses in various counties. This is a joke, but it is also a meaningful study tour.

  The tour runs from July 19th to 23rd.

Fu Xinping drove a total of 1,398 kilometers, and successively reached 8 counties in Jinhua, Quzhou, Lishui and Wenzhou in Zhejiang.

During the period, Fu Xinping chose to observe near the school during the school hours to confirm whether the students were really in the school, and used the drone to take aerial photography records.

  Fu Xinping sorted out the materials he photographed, and believed that many of them were suspected of making up classes during vacations.

Subsequently, he reported to the local education bureaus with his real name through the "Zheli Office".

  Fu Xinping has sent 10 complaints about make-up lessons.

  Among them, on July 22, he complained to the Cangnan County Education Bureau of Cangnan Middle School, saying that in the aerial photography at 18:00 that day, the classrooms were brightly lit, the cafeteria had just been cleaned, and there was a situation of make-up classes.

The Cangnan County Education Bureau responded afterward, and after the relevant departments of the County Education Bureau went to the school for verification, no supplementary classes were found in the school.

  On July 23, he complained to the Taishun County Education Bureau of Taishun Middle School, saying that his drone photographed a large number of students rushing out of the classroom for meals on the 22nd, "obviously making up classes".

The latter responded that after investigation, there were indeed student activities on the campus of Taishun Middle School on July 22, because Taishun Middle School invited outstanding alumni to interact with some students on that day.

No student was found at Taishun Middle School at that time.

  On August 9, he reported that Lanxi No. 3 Middle School and Houren Middle School started making up classes.

In this regard, the Lanxi Education Bureau replied: In order to better prepare for the college entrance examination review, the school agreed to open campus education resources for a certain period of time during the summer and provide them to students for free.

Students can voluntarily apply to come to school for self-study.

There is no collective make-up class in the school, and there are teachers in individual classrooms to answer questions, and no fees are charged to students.


  And Fu Xinping's report basically received an official reply.

The reporter tried to contact the Wenzhou Education Bureau's Basic Education Office, Cangnan County Education Bureau, and Pujiang County Education Bureau according to the telephone numbers left by the letters and visits of various education departments in the "Zheli Office", but they were not connected.

  In addition, the reporter noticed that Fu Xinping once said that the drone fell in Cangnan Middle School, and to Fu Xinping's drone aerial photography behavior, the Cangnan County Education Bureau responded, "It is illegal to use drones to take pictures without permission. If illegal acts are found, relevant responsibilities will be investigated." The Cangnan County Education Bureau went to look for it, but did not find the whereabouts of the drone.

  Fu Xinping: Since there are laws and regulations, schools should take the lead in complying with them

  Fu Xinping's travel report quickly attracted widespread attention and discussion.

  One side of the public opinion believes that he has done "good things", has a long-term vision, is a good teacher, and is "light in the students' hearts" so that students are not burdened by make-up lessons; Heart failure."

  On August 11, the reporter contacted Fu Xinping. Regarding the report, he said that making up classes was a drain on students, teachers, and parents, and was "tired."

Regarding the attitude of making up classes, he called himself a teacher, and it was not a good thing to watch everyone make such a toss.

  In the text material he sent to reporters, he said that he had "a special liking" for supplementary classes, and hoped that local education departments would strictly implement the document requirements.

He also said on the social platform, "No one stops your efforts, especially the individual head cantilever, a group of people do this, is it interesting?"

  Fu Xinping has another consideration. He feels that since there are laws and regulations, schools should take the lead in complying with them.

As for doubts, Fu Xinping told reporters that he would continue to report.

 experts say

  Whether to make up a lesson cannot be determined by the camera alone

  However, the spirit of "double reduction" should cover all grades

  The reporter contacted Professor Chu Zhaohui, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Education Sciences. He pointed out that at the policy level, the basic spirit of "double reduction" covers all academic stages, including high school, but the management of compulsory education is relatively stricter and more clear.

Schools cannot use school grounds to train students in the name of holiday hosting.

  Professor Chu Zhaohui believes that for the situation reported by Fu Xinping, whether the teacher is answering questions in the classroom and whether it is a trustee needs to be further understood, and cannot be determined by external cameras alone.

  Chu Zhaohui told reporters: Holidays are holidays, and holidays cannot be regarded as semesters.

  Xiong Bingqi, dean of the 21st Century Education Research Institute, said that in fact, there is a certain degree of "different treatment" between the supplementary courses at the senior high school level and the supplementary courses at the compulsory education level by the education departments in various places, which is caused by the actual pressure of college entrance examination.

  Regarding the qualitative nature of make-up activities, he pointed out that my country has long had express provisions for high schools to use holidays, winter and summer vacations to organize students' make-up courses.

The "Guidelines for the Evaluation of the Quality of Running Schools in Ordinary High Schools" released at the beginning of this year once again made it clear that it is strictly prohibited to make up classes in a centralized manner or in disguised forms during statutory holidays, winter and summer vacations, and this has nothing to do with whether the classes are charged or not.

  Xiong Bingqi also emphasized that the educational development concept of grasping the college entrance examination rate is seriously deviated from the educational development concept of running various types of education at all levels in the era of popularization of education.

To build a good education development ecology, it is necessary to reverse the concept of academic achievement, separate the students' further education from the education for students, and not to run education oriented to further education, nor to organize teaching around further education.