China News Service, Korla, August 14th (Zhou Junyi and Li Juehong) On August 14th, the "International Military Competition-2022" China Korla Division entered the first competition day. The "Love Assault" project is the first to start the competition.

The Chinese team galloped on the track with their infantry chariots.

Photo by Luo Xingcang

The Chinese team drove the chariot out of the wading field.

Photo by Li Shuoxun

  The "Suvorov Assault" project is named after the famous Russian military strategist Suvorov. The infantry fighting vehicle team must observe keenly, maneuver at high speed, and strike rapidly on the highly concentrated and complex battlefield environment track, which reflects the observation proposed by Suvorov. , the three principles of fast, onslaught tactics.

This year, a total of 5 countries, including China, Russia, Belarus, Iran and Venezuela, participated in the competition, and held 3 cycling races and 1 relay race within 4 competition days. Except for Russia's own BMP-3-step chariot, other participating teams All use the 86A chariot provided by the Chinese side.

  The first day of the competition was a cycling race. The 5 national teams sent a total of 6 infantry chariot teams. In addition to sending their own equipment to participate in the competition, Russia also sent a team to use the 86A infantry chariot provided by the Chinese side to experience the competition. The theme of "communication, cooperation and friendship" in international military competitions.

Each group of two chariots in the competition will compete in the method of "starting at the wrong time" and "separate timing". Each group will start at intervals of 1 to 2 minutes according to the instructions of the chief referee, and travel along the specified track for 2.5 laps. You must pass 12 obstacles such as wading fields, earth ridges, anti-tank trenches, and rutted bridges, and complete 3 shots at 2 firing positions.

The Chinese team drove the chariot through the wading field.

Photo by Luo Xingcang

The Chinese teams displayed their national flags after the game.

Photo by Mo Pisen

  "Attention green car, start!" With the order of the chief referee, the Chinese car crew with the green flag drove out first, and the chariots that started at high speed rolled up sand and dust on the track.

The Chinese crew captain Lieutenant Fu Cheng, artillery sergeant Liu Zheng, and driver second sergeant Huang Shanyong are from a brigade of the 74th Army of the Army, and they are all on the international stage for the first time.

  Dozens of anti-tank mines were on the verge of firing, simulating the bumps and undulations of the bombed road.

In the random explosions that sounded continuously, the Chinese crew quickly determined the route in the sand and smoke, and arrived at the shooting position after passing through the mobile obstacle course.

Loading ammunition, searching for the target, as the shells burst out, five randomly displayed infantry combat vehicle targets 1000 meters away fell to the ground.

The Russian team drove the chariot through the rollover obstacle.

Photo by Luan Cheng

The Belarusian team galloped on the track in a chariot.

Photo by Luo Xingcang

  The Iranian, Russian, Belarusian, and Venezuelan teams that came on the field were skilled in driving their chariots over soil ridges and cliffs, overcoming field fortifications such as anti-tank trenches and minefields, turning precise turns, and accelerating into the wading field. In an instant, a wave of water several meters high was aroused, which won the warm cheers of the audience.

  The competition is intense and the guarantee is meticulous and powerful.

Throughout the game, the referees, broadcasters, emergency repairs, medical care, security and other security forces were in place at all times to ensure the smooth progress of the game.

At the same time, the wonderful pictures of the stadium are played in real time, which not only provides an accurate basis for the judges and judges, but also brings a more intuitive and shocking viewing experience to the nearly 1,000 spectators at the scene.

The Iranian team drove the infantry fighting vehicle through the wading field.

Photo by Li Shuoxun

The Venezuelan team drove the chariot through the cliff.

Photo by Luan Cheng

  As the last team crossed the finish line, the day's race ended smoothly.

The Chinese team won the first place in the first round of the "Suvorov Assault" cycling race, and Belarus and Iran ranked second and third respectively.

It is reported that the second and third rounds of the "Suvorov Assault" cycling race will be held on August 16 and 18.