China News Service, Guangzhou, August 12th (Cai Minjie Zhang Cancheng) On the 11th, the operating room of the intervention center on the second floor of Building 4 of the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University (Guangzhou Overseas Chinese Hospital) began to get busy. One hour later, with the intervention of the hospital The surgical team of Zhang Yan, director of the Department of Vascular Surgery, successfully completed the precise interventional operation of yttrium-90[90Y] injection for a patient with massive liver cancer in the right lobe of the liver. A first-class hospital.

  For malignant tumors, the introduction of safe and controllable radiopharmaceuticals into the tumor to destroy and kill the cancer cells is an effective solution.

  It is understood that the patient who received yttrium 90 treatment this time is a 48-year-old man with liver cancer. Two years ago, he often experienced paroxysmal pain in the right upper quadrant. Most of the symptoms were obvious after meals and activities, and the effect of gastric drug treatment was also limited.

This year, when I went to a local hospital for an accidental injury, I discovered a 7.3-centimeter-diameter mass in the liver only after the examination.

  Zhang Yan introduced: "The patient was diagnosed with massive liver cancer in the right lobe of the liver, and the patient was more resistant to chemotherapy. After learning about the latest yttrium-90 treatment in our hospital, he was transferred to our hospital."

  After a multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment team composed of experts and professors from the Department of Nuclear Medicine, Interventional Vascular Surgery, Hepatobiliary Surgery, Gastroenterology and other departments, after joint discussions with overseas supervisory experts, as well as full communication with patients and their families, the multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment team believes that the patient is suitable for Treatment with yttrium [90Y] microsphere injection.

The entire interventional operation lasted an hour, and the process went smoothly. At present, the patient's vital signs are stable, and there are no obvious adverse reactions.

  In February this year, the National Cancer Center released the latest national cancer statistics showing that there are 400,000 new cases of liver cancer in China every year, accounting for about 47.6% of new cases of liver cancer in the world.

Most of the patients are in the middle and late stages when they are found, only 20% to 30% of liver cancer patients can be surgically removed, and the recurrence rate is still as high as 60% to 70% within 5 years.

  Eighty-five percent of patients lost the opportunity for surgery because the tumor was too large or had spread to distant sites.

Professor Xu Hao, Director of the Medical Imaging Department and Director of the Nuclear Medicine Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University, said: "Yttrium-90 therapy has many characteristics of high energy, short tissue penetration distance, and good safety. For patients with liver cancer, this adds a proven option."

  On January 30 this year, Yttrium 90 resin microsphere injection was officially approved for listing in China.

Xu Hao previously stated that the program using radionuclide yttrium 90 for the interventional treatment of malignant liver tumors has been used internationally for 20 years and has provided 150,000 treatments.