China News Service, Beijing, August 13 (Reporter Sun Zifa) The opening ceremony of the Science and Technology Unit of the 12th Beijing International Film Festival and the special effects film exhibition of the China Science and Technology Museum was held on August 13 at the China Science and Technology Museum.

The screening event will start on August 8 and will last until August 28. During this period, the special effects theater of China Science and Technology Museum will focus on screening 34 films from 9 countries including China, Germany, South Korea, Japan, France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. an excellent film.

  Among the 34 films shown this time, there are 1 world premiere, 4 Asian premieres, and 9 national premieres in China. Among them, there are "1921", "Poetry and Truth" and "One Leaf of the Galaxy", etc. Red classic blockbusters and films of the spirit of scientists, free to the public.

In addition, educational activities such as a parent-child salon for science fans and a dome-based astronomy class will also be held during the event.

  Focusing on the theme of "Light and Shadow Technology, Working Together", this event focused on the promotion and promotion of science and technology films to the public through film screenings, excellent works selection, film micro-exhibitions, special activities, collaborative exchanges and other activities. The achievements of science and technology films bring shocking science and technology film experience and broad scientific vision to the public.

  At the opening ceremony, Yin Hao, member of the party group, secretary of the Secretariat of the China Association for Science and Technology, and director of the China Science and Technology Museum, and Chen Xiang, member of the party group, deputy director of Beijing Radio and Television, and deputy secretary-general of the Beijing International Film Festival Organizing Committee, delivered speeches. Tammy Barrett, Executive Director of the Association (GSCA), and Michael McConville, President of the International Planetarium Society (IPS), sent a video congratulatory letter.

Qian Yan, Secretary of the Party Committee of the China Science and Technology Museum, released the picture book "Pippi's Dream of Mars" and announced the opening of the film's supporting micro-show.

Wei Jinghua, deputy director of the National Science and Technology Museum of China and director of the Special Effects Cinema Professional Committee of the Chinese Society of Natural Science Museums, introduced the characteristics of the "Light and Shadow Science Dream"-Scientist Spirit Movie National Science Popularization Venue Tour and announced the launch of the event.

  The expert jury of "Excellent Work Selection" announced the list of outstanding films of this film festival on the spot. "Wings on the Water" and "Horizon: Beyond the Edge of the Visible Universe" won the best science communication film, "Planet of Violence" won the best special effects design film, " Pippi Mars Dream" and "Doll Cavalry: Childhood Rescue" won the best domestic film, and "Octopus: Blue Planet II" won the best audience recommendation film.

Among them, as the first original sci-fi special effects movie of the China Science and Technology Museum, the premiere of the 4D sci-fi movie "Pippi's Dream of Mars" was held simultaneously.

At the same time, since the premiere, the China Science and Technology Museum of Mars Micro-Exhibition, which is a supporting film of the film, is open to the public for free. The audience can listen to explanations, view exhibits, do experiments, take photos and punch cards, increase scientific knowledge, and explore the mysteries of the universe.

  It is understood that on the day of the event, a series of animated micro-movies promoting the spirit of scientists, "Science Idol", also toured and launched simultaneously in special effects theaters in national popular science venues.

The organizer will also hold online special effects film new film promotion conferences, special effects film technology promotion conferences and other industry exchange activities, to build a platform for industry communication and exchange, and to serve the common development of public welfare science popularization and the technology film industry.