China News Service, Chengdu, August 13 (Reporter Yue Yitong Liu Zhongjun) The official Weibo account of the Pengzhou Emergency Management Bureau issued a notice on the evening of the 13th, saying that as of 19:30, the flash flood had caused 4 deaths and 3 serious injuries. , 6 people were slightly injured, the wounded have been sent to the hospital for treatment, the provincial and municipal emergency rescue forces have rushed to the scene to participate in the rescue.

  Longcao Valley is located at the boundary between Zhongba Village, Xiaoyudong Town, Pengzhou City, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province and Baoshan Village, Longmenshan Town.

In the afternoon of the same day, there was a sudden danger in Longcaogou, and some people were trapped or washed away by water.

After the dangerous situation occurred, the relevant person in charge of the Chengdu Emergency Bureau immediately rushed to the scene to organize emergency rescue and disposal.