China News Service, Urumqi, August 13 (Reporter Wang Xiaojun) "Hutubi County, Xinjiang has entered a temporary global static management. According to an epidemiological survey, the outbreak in Hutubi County shows that the Omicoron virus variant strain is highly contagious. , high concealment, fast intergenerational transmission, and easier distribution or concentrated outbreaks, resulting in a high growth of the epidemic in Hutubi County recently, and the prevention and control situation is severe and complicated." Su Xiaoli, deputy governor of the Xinjiang Changji Prefecture People's Government, informed Changji on the evening of the 12th. The situation regarding the prevention and control of the epidemic and the guarantee of the supply of living materials in Hutubi County, prefecture is as described above.

  Su Xiaoli introduced that at present, all the asymptomatic infected persons in Hutubi County, Changji Prefecture are being treated in Changji Prefecture Infectious Diseases Hospital, with 81 medical staff.

We carry out treatment in strict accordance with the ninth edition of the diagnosis and treatment plan, insist on moving the threshold forward, paying equal attention to traditional Chinese and Western medicine, increasing the monitoring of early warning indicators, and strengthening auxiliary psychological counseling and nutritional support.

At present, under the careful guidance of experts and the careful care of medical staff, the signs of the infected person are generally stable and the condition is stable.

At the same time, conscientiously implement the requirements for the prevention and control of nosocomial infection, strictly implement closed-loop operation in isolation areas and wards, strengthen the protection management of medical staff and other staff, and strictly prevent the occurrence of nosocomial infection.

  Su Xiaoli said that Changji Prefecture has set up an epidemiological investigation team of 150 people composed of health, disease control, communication and other personnel to speed up the screening of risk groups, establish a sound working mechanism for those who are screened positive, and make every effort to shorten the "chasing". "Yang" time, achieve "daily inspection and clearing", effectively cut off the chain of virus transmission, and strictly prevent the spread of the epidemic.

As of 21:00 on August 12, a total of 575 close contacts and 1,247 sub-close contacts have been investigated, and isolation medical observation measures have been implemented.

On the evening of the 12th, Su Xiaoli, deputy governor of the People's Government of Changji Prefecture in Xinjiang, informed Hutubi County of the situation of epidemic prevention and control and the supply of living materials.

Photo by Zhang Gan

  Su Xiaoli said that Hutubi County's communities (villages, residences), communities, enterprises and institutions are fully closed. In principle, residents stay at home, and do not go out, move or gather unless necessary; protect people's livelihood, supply, and basic operation personnel of the city. Implement closed-loop management. In case of emergency medical treatment such as critically ill patients, pregnant women, etc., the emergency treatment mechanism is implemented, and timely treatment is provided through the green channel.

The cadres and workers of organs, enterprises and institutions, except emergency support personnel, all go to the front line of the community to enrich the grass-roots prevention and control force, and participate in the epidemic prevention and control work under the unified dispatch of the grass-roots party organization.

  Su Xiaoli mentioned that Hutubi County currently has 3 institutions with nucleic acid testing qualifications, with a maximum testing volume of 15,500 tubes per day.

The Changji Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters coordinated the deployment of nucleic acid testing resources and dispatched 127 professionals to support Hutubi County.

Hutubi County quickly established a working mechanism for the direct distribution and supply of daily necessities, identified 5 supermarkets and 4 supply chain companies as life necessities guarantee companies, and timely publicized the procurement channels, contact information, and procurement processes to households, and adopted the "line" method. Order shopping + offline contactless delivery + grid-based precise supply guarantee", through the "point-to-point" purchasing service and volunteer delivery to your home through community grids, to get through the "last 100 meters" of material delivery.

  It is reported that as of 21:00 on August 12, there is 1 confirmed case and 104 asymptomatic infections in Hutubi County, Changji Prefecture.