In order to prevent medical accidents and medical troubles, the government recommends assigning doctors to manage the safety of hospitals, but about a quarter of all hospitals do not have such doctors. I found out in my research.

Physicians who manage the hospital medical system and safety related to medical treatment are obliged to assign full-time doctors at 87 "special treatment hospitals" nationwide, but other than that, it is left to the judgment of the hospital and the national government recommends doctor placement.

A research group led by Professor Yoshimasa Nagao of Nagoya University Hospital conducted a questionnaire survey of about 4,900 hospitals nationwide with 110 or more beds until March last year regarding the status of doctors' placement as a research project of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. Responses were obtained from 738 hospitals.

As a result, it was found that 23% of all hospitals, or about one-fourth, did not have a doctor in charge of safety management.

In addition, 38% of hospitals have "part-time doctors" whose safety management is less than 50% of their work, 25% have "full-time doctors" who are more than 50% of their work, and more than 80% of their work. Only 9% of hospitals have a “full-time doctor” who occupies

When asked about the status of holding emergency meetings to limit damage to patients when medical troubles occur, 36% of hospitals with a "full-time doctor" answered that they often hold emergency meetings, and safety management. 10% of hospitals did not have a doctor.

In addition, 49% of the hospitals that have a "full-time doctor" answered that they are "frequently" taking measures to prevent recurrence, while 22% of the hospitals do not have a doctor. We also found that hospitals tended to have more advanced safety measures.

Professor Nagao says, "There is a growing polarization between hospitals with well-developed safety management systems and hospitals that are only halfway through. Doctors who put patient safety first and are actively responsible for safety management at many hospitals. I would like you to consider the placement of