On August 12, the interview group for the online theme event of "Beautiful China, Online Media Ecology Tour - Green Shaanxi's New Picture Scroll" came to Wuqi County, Shaanxi Province to learn about the local situation of returning farmland to forest.

  On the same day, the reporter walked into the exhibition hall of returning farmland to forest in Wuqi County. The exhibition hall displayed the history and achievements of returning farmland to forest through a wealth of pictures, objects, videos and other materials, allowing the public to visually compare the changes before and after, and experience the process of returning farmland to forest. important meaning.

  It is understood that up to now, the county has completed a total of 2.4479 million mu of returning farmland to forests, cashed 2.32 billion yuan in subsidy funds for returning farmland to forests, and benefited 105,426 people from 22,876 households.

(Mei Yinglong and Huang Yuhan)

Editor in charge: [Song Fangcan]