A member of the European Parliament from the German Green Party called Russia a third world country and spoke in favor of a total ban on the entry of Russians into the EU.

In principle, there is nothing new in this.

The "Greens" are the most stubborn Russophobes in German politics, you can expect more from them.

One detail: the deputy's name is Sergei Lagodinsky, and he was born in Astrakhan.

He moved to Germany in 1993 at the age of 18 with his parents.

I was in 2002, at the age of 19, on my own.

Sergei and I are both, in a way, adopted children of a federal republic.

Only I was a rebellious child who nevertheless found his real parents - Russia.

Lagodinsky is an obsequious child.

Of those whom the new mom and dad take from the threshold to the toy store and buy the biggest robot there.

And the whole further life of such a child is dedicated to not upset those who adopted him, otherwise one day they can change their mind and return him to where they took him from.

Not just do what parents expect, but guess desires, be one step ahead.

Lagodinsky studied at the John F. Kennedy School of Management, at Yale, together with Alexei Navalny, worked for Radio Liberty * - in general, he assembled a complete democratic combo.

And there is nothing wrong with that.

Until the real mother shows up on the doorstep.

And here the adopted child can behave differently.

Might be of some help.

Can say: "I'm sorry, our paths have diverged."

Or maybe just look coldly and close the door: "I don't know you."

Lagodinsky chose the fourth way.

Loudly - so that all the neighbors could hear - yelled: “Look at her!

She's from the third world!

How she is dressed!

How he talks!

Who even let her in here?


God, as they say, is his judge.

* Radio Liberty / Radio Free Europe is a media outlet recognized as a foreign agent by decision of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation dated 05.12.2017.

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