China News Service, Urumqi, August 12 (Reporter Wang Xiaojun) On the 12th, at about 8 o'clock, Yu Chuanze, a resident of Hetan North Road West Community, High-tech Zone (New Urban District), Urumqi City, started a day of volunteer service to collect the needs of the residents. Dishes, medication, sending and receiving courier and other information, arrange team members on duty...

  "This year, I signed up again and participated in community volunteer service for the third time. When the community called for it, without any hesitation, I responded to 'join the war' in the WeChat group as soon as possible. We are united and will definitely defeat the epidemic." Yu Chuanze said .

Volunteers count the vegetable packs ordered by residents in Chuanze.

Photo by Wang Xiaojun

  Since 8:00 on the 10th, temporary static management measures have been implemented in Tianshan District, Shayibake District, Shuimogou District, High-tech Zone (new urban area), Economic Development Zone (Toutunhe District), and Midong District in Urumqi City.

In order to ensure the living needs of citizens, various communities in Urumqi have started recruiting volunteers again.

Eight households in the High-tech Zone (new urban area) recruited volunteers. Resident Tang Hongmei actively signed up to serve the residents of 18 households. "I have lived in this community for 6 years. Because of my busy work, I leave early and return late, and I rarely spend time with my neighbors. During the interview, I found that everyone was very friendly and enthusiastic, and they all said they would actively cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control. A thank you from the residents in the volunteer service is motivation, and it is worth it no matter how tired you are. I will try my best to do it for everyone in the next few days. Good service, be a good volunteer."

  An anti-epidemic song "There is a Power" sings the voice of the front-line volunteers in Urumqi's anti-epidemic, "Please don't be afraid, please believe us! There is a kind of power... Use love to build a strong anti-epidemic line, every hot oath and Passionate blood can conquer everything..." said Zhu Hong, a cadre of Hetan North Road West Community, Bajiahu District, High-tech Zone (New Urban Area), Urumqi City: "The light is like a torch, and it can also start a prairie fire. With the continuous improvement of the volunteer service mechanism, volunteer service The team continues to grow and the field of volunteer service continues to expand. Volunteers use love to form a ray of sunshine that shines on the city. The majority of volunteers in the jurisdiction actively responded to 'joining the war', actively fulfilled their social responsibilities, and took part in the epidemic prevention and control work. Front, bravely shoulder heavy burdens, silently guard and warm the city."

Volunteer Wang Guimin pushed the old man with inconvenient legs and feet to complete the nucleic acid test and sent the old man home.

Photo by Wang Xiaojun

  Xiao Dong, a resident of Urumqi High-tech Zone (new urban area), is also participating in the anti-epidemic volunteer service for the second time.

"The epidemic is ruthless, but people are affectionate! As a Communist Party member, I deeply appreciate the volunteer spirit of 'dedication, fraternity, mutual assistance, and progress'. In the future work, study and life, I will use my volunteer service experience to motivate myself and continue to carry forward Volunteer spirit, make due obligations and contributions to society.”

  Volunteer Wang Guimin is the second time to participate in the volunteer service to fight the epidemic. In the volunteer team, because of his humor and wit, the residents took the initiative to find him when they needed him.

"With the first volunteer service experience, I have some experience in serving the residents. I have summed up the deficiencies in my previous work. This volunteer service will do my best to complete every task."

From 8:00 on August 10, temporary static management will be implemented in key areas of Urumqi.

Photo by Wang Xiaojun

  Yao Zangjian, a citizen who runs a breakfast business on Xinyi Road, Shaybak District, said: "I am a busy person. I always get up at 6 in the morning for breakfast. After static management, I am now a volunteer in the community, doing my best for the residents. I hope the epidemic will end as soon as possible and normal life will be restored. The residents around the restaurant are still waiting to eat the steamed buns and wontons I made!"

  Hou Yong, deputy mayor of the Urumqi Municipal People's Government, reported on the public service guarantee situation during the static management period of Urumqi City on the evening of the 11th, saying that all 8,113 staff members of various organs and institutions in Urumqi City who did not undertake epidemic prevention work were sent to the front line of serving the masses. .

Up to now, a total of 88,653 volunteers have been fighting on the front line and are providing various volunteer services for the general public in accordance with the unified deployment.