China Weather Network News This year's No. 8 typhoon "Mirai" (tropical storm level; English name: Meari; name source: North Korea; name meaning: echo) was at 2 o'clock in the morning today (12th) in the south of Japan. Generated on the surface of the Pacific Northwest.

  At 5 o'clock this morning, its center is located on the ocean surface about 720 kilometers west-southwest of Tokyo, Japan, which is 29.9 degrees north latitude and 136.2 degrees east longitude. Pa, the radius of the seventh-level wind circle is 130-200 kilometers.

  It is expected that "Mirei" will move to the north at a speed of 15-20 kilometers per hour, and the intensity will be maintained or slowly strengthened. It will gradually turn to the northeast on the 13th, and will land on the 13th during the day or brush over the Japanese island of Honshu.

In the future, "Mirei" will have no impact on our country.