The back waves of the Yangtze River push the front waves.

People seem to be sighing that "post-00s" actors are taking the lead on the big screen and small screens, and "post-10s" actors have quietly risen: in the summer hit drama "Basic Law of Genius", they had previously performed well in "The Hidden Corner" Wang Shengdi is amazing again; in the summer box-office blockbuster "Life Events", the young actor Yang En has performed a lot of drama again; the 8-year-old actor Chen Halin, who has just won the Best Newcomer Award at the Hundred Flowers Awards for Popular Films, has set a new record. The record for the youngest winner in the history of the Hundred Flowers Awards.

  Being young and becoming famous has always been a double-edged sword.

Most of the "post-10s" born in the information age show precocity and intelligence better than their predecessors, but being an actor is a long road that requires continuous learning and tempering.

The "post-10s" may be able to learn from the "post-00s" actors, brothers and sisters, absorb more and settle more, so as to avoid becoming a fleeting "meteor".

"Post-10" and "Post-00" acting skills

  This summer, a series called "Basic Law of Genius" broke through from a number of ancient puppet dramas.

The story tells the dual time and space journey of the young girl Lin Chaoxi. Zhang Zifeng, who was born in 2001, and Wang Shengdi, who was born in 2010, play the adult and childhood Lin Chaoxi respectively.

The first episode of the show showed the high difficulty of acting.

After Lin Chaoxi's sudden crossing, his body returned to his childhood, but his mind still belonged to the adult stage.

In the process of Lin Chaoxi's efforts to find the reason for the crossing, the director let the images of Zhang Zifeng and Wang Shengdi appear interspersed, which made Wang Shengdi "play as an adult".

From the feedback from the audience, 12-year-old Wang Shengdi's performance is not inferior to 21-year-old Zhang Zifeng.

  In addition to Wang Shengdi, the play also includes Lin Ziye who plays the young Pei Zhi and Fu Bohan who plays the young Jiang. The former was born in 2011 and the latter was born in 2012.

Because the young actors need to match the personality, tone and behavior of the protagonists in the film, which makes their performances more difficult.

But like Wang Shengdi, Lin Ziye and Fu Bohan both stood up to the challenge.

Many Douban netizens even expressed their love for the young actors by expressing their love for the young actors by expressing their love for the young actors by expressing their love for the young actors by expressing their love for the young actors.

  It is worth mentioning that although several young actors in the "Basic Law of Genius" are young, they are not "novices" in acting.

Fu Bohan, 10 years old this year, has appeared in 10 works so far, the earliest of which is "Exclusive Memory" in 2019.

The 11-year-old Lin Ziye also starred in 5 works including "Jun Jiuling" and "Secret Love: Orange Born in Huainan".

The 12-year-old Wang Shengdi has previously starred in the popular national drama "The Hidden Corner", as well as "My Sister", "Assassination of the Novelist", "Secret Visitor" and other big screen masterpieces. So far, he has appeared in as many as 22 works. "It is no exaggeration to describe her skillful performance in the Basic Law of Genius.

This year, Wang Shengdi still has 4 movies waiting to be seen with the audience, including "Escape from Youth" with Xiao Yang and Chun Xia, "Keep You Safe" with Dapeng and Li Xueqin, and "With You on the Left Shoulder" with Fan Chengcheng ", "Dragon City" cooperating with Ma Yili and Bai Yu - the frequency of appearances on the big screen has reached the level of first-line actors.

"Post-05" and "Post-10" enter the summer vacation

  In the early stage of this summer's holiday season, a movie "Life Matters", which is based on the theme of funerals and tells about the country's outlook on life and death, unexpectedly lifted the box office banner.

The film, starring Zhu Yilong and Yang Engai, tells the story of the funeral director Mo Sanmei played by Zhu Yilong who met the orphan Wu Xiaowen played by Yang Engai during a funeral not long after her release from prison. career and life attitude.

The film's producer, Han Yan, has directed "Get Out!" which also focuses on the theme of "life and death".

Tumor Jun" and "Send You a Little Red Flower".

Today, "A Big Event in Life" has surpassed "A Little Red Flower for You" at the box office and has become the new box office champion of family films in Chinese film history.

  In "Life Events", Yang En has a very heavy role in the scene.

The "Little Nezha" Wu Xiaowen she plays is unreasonable on the outside, but kind and fragile on the inside.

Yang En and Zhu Yilong "released" and "received" again, and the sparks they collided were quite touching.

9-year-old Yang En is also an experienced young actress. She was discovered by director Zhouyou when she was 4 years old. She has appeared in CCTV's legal drama "Finally Found You" and many short films.

Liu Jiangjiang, the director of "Major Events in Life", once admitted that before meeting Yang Enyou, many people persuaded him to delete some "Little Nezha" scenes, because it was too difficult to find a good child.

But after meeting Yang Enyou, it only took Liu Jiangjiang a month to train her in place, and during the filming process, she was infected by her performance several times to "break the defense", "You can't imagine that a child can play her. so".

  Just like Yang En, there is also Rong Zishan, born in 2006, who plays opposite senior actors in the summer blockbuster.

The "post-05" actor, like Wang Shengdi, was familiar to the public through the hit drama "The Hidden Corner" two years ago.

In this summer's blockbuster "Mozart in Outer Space" directed by Chen Sicheng, he cooperated with Huang Bo, and he is the well-deserved first actor in terms of play.

It's a pity that although "Mozart in Outer Space" is blessed with sci-fi elements and computer special effects, its reputation is mediocre, with a Douban score of only 4.7 points.

"Post-10" has started to win awards

  Compared with adult actors, the good performance of young actors is obviously easier to be "seen" by the public, which was confirmed again at the 36th Hundred Flowers Awards for Popular Films held at the end of last month.

At that time, Chen Halin, born in 2013, won the Best Newcomer Award for the movie "Miracle Stupid Child" she starred in when she was 8 years old, breaking the age record of the youngest winner in the history of the Hundred Flowers Awards.

In an interview backstage, the child admitted that he "felt a little bit to cry".

  In addition to Chen Halin, there are several young actors in this year's Hundred Flowers Award nominations for the Best Newcomer Award: Xu Li, who played Xiaobao in the movie "Island Keeper", is 13 years old this year; in "My Parents and Me" In the chapter "Poems" directed by Zhang Ziyi, Yuan Jinhui and Ren Sinuo, who play brother and sister, are 11 and 6 years old respectively.

But that doesn't mean these young actors outperform adult actors.

Compared with the "Expert Award" Chinese Film Golden Rooster Award, the Hundred Flowers Award for Popular Films has always been regarded as the "Audience Award". From nomination to winning, the audience is selected.

Therefore, in addition to the affirmation of acting skills, this result reflects the preference and expectations of the audience for the young actors.

  In addition to Yuan Jinhui and Ren Sinuo, there are several young actors in the movie "My Fathers and Me". The most familiar to everyone is the one who plays Xu Zheng's son "Dongdong" in the chapter "Duck Prophet" directed by Xu Zheng. Han Haolin.

The two played father and son in "Winning the Championship" in "My Motherland and Me". The scene where "Dongdong" held the antenna so that everyone in the alley could see the women's volleyball team winning the championship was particularly impressive.

The fate of Han Haolin and Xu Zheng began in 2018, when Xu Zheng served as the mentor of "I Am an Actor". Han Haolin helped Tu Songyan and Qi Xi as guests, and played the eldest son who was seriously ill and was about to die in the play "The Thief of the Years".

This final scene without lines made the audience cry in shock. Xu Zheng also left a deep impression on him, and then invited him to appear in the Spring Festival movie "囧Mom".

In the National Day trilogy "Me and My" series, Han Haolin collaborated with Xu Zheng for the third time.

In addition, Han Haolin also played the role of young Fan Xian in "Celebrating More Than Years", played the young Zhang Wuji in "Eternal Heaven and Dragon Slayer", and made a cameo appearance in "On the Cliff" directed by Zhang Yimou.

Born in 2009, he has made 24 film and television works so far.

"Post-00" actors become role models for growth

  How are the "post-05" and "post-10" young actors discovered?

Some of them come from performing arts families. For example, Xu Li who participated in "Island Keeper" is the granddaughter of the well-known actor Lu Qi; some first became popular on the Internet, such as Lin Ziye, who played childhood Peizhi in "Basic Law of Genius". A small "net celebrity" with millions of fans on the video platform; Wang Shengdi, who has a smart temperament, debuted as a model at the age of 5; Han Haolin was discovered by a talent scout at the age of 4 and entered the entertainment industry from advertising; "Xiao Nezha" "Yang En is also the younger sister of "post-10" actor Yang Kerun, who was discovered by the director at the age of 4 because she went to visit her sister's crew; Chen Halin, the best newcomer at the Hundred Flowers Award, was recorded at the age of 3 as a cute baby guest The reality show "Let go of my north nose" has been familiar to the industry and the public since then...

  Compared with their predecessors, most of the "post-05" and "post-10" young actors who were born in the information age show their precocious and precocious traits - they are extremely comprehensible on the set and expressive in front of the camera.

Regarding Han Haolin, who has collaborated many times, Xu Zheng once praised: "He is very intelligent, has a very strong understanding, and is very focused. I found that I don't need to communicate with him like a child, everyone can be like an adult. People communicate directly."

  But the road to acting is not overnight, and the cute baby halo brought by a young age will eventually pass.

How to maintain an upward development trend and successfully become the backbone of the next echelon of Chinese actors?

"Post-10" young actors may learn more from their older brothers and sisters "post-00" actors.

For example, Yi Yangqianxi, who collaborated with Chen Halin in "Miracle: Stupid Child", was born in a traffic boy group and became an actor. He has produced many masterpieces such as "You Are Young" and "Miracle Stupid Child", and won the New Actor Award of the Hundred Flowers Award and the Golden Image Award.

Zhang Zifeng, who is also a representative of the "post-00" actors, won the Hundred Flowers Award for Best Newcomer at the age of 11 for "Tangshan Earthquake". After that, he was neither arrogant nor impetuous. In recent works such as "Midsummer Future" and "My Sister" The performance is remarkable.

  It is gratifying that today's "post-05" and "post-10" young actors, in addition to being smart, also have a clear vision of their future.

After becoming the youngest winner of the Hundred Flowers Award, Chen Halin, a second-grade elementary school student, said that although she occasionally encounters "fans" asking for her autograph on the way to and from school, "it does not affect her studies."

As for the days after winning the award, she said solemnly, "I will continue to work hard." The little cutie Liu Chutian, who made a stunning appearance in "The Legend of Miyue" and "Do You Know It Should Be Green, Fat, Red and Thin", also released Slow down the pace of development and concentrate on junior high school.

Until last year, at the age of 12, she appeared in front of the audience again, playing the role of Song Jia's daughter Xia Huanhuan in the drama "Little Shede".

  Reporter Li Li