China News Service, Hangzhou, August 12 (Reporter Shi Zinan) "Kobe layup" and "Curry's next"... In the basketball training base in Ganluo County, Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, the 23-year-old head coach Var Amu issued an order, a group of The black and thin boy kept running and laying up.

  In 2018, Var Amu, a boy from the Yi nationality, formed the "Black Hawks" basketball team in his hometown of Ashamo Village, Ganluo County.

After graduating from college, he chose to return to Liangshan from the city and lead the team out of the mountains, so that more and more people can see the hard work of Yi youths to chase their dreams.

Photo courtesy of the "Blackhawks" players on the field

  "Every time I go home when I go to college, I can see the children in the village holding basketballs and shooting in the mud. I think of when I was a child, I loved basketball but didn't have the opportunity and platform." Varam said in a telephone interview with a reporter from China News Agency. .

  From barely enough 5 team members to more than 30 team members, from the wooden basketball hoop in the village to the training base in the county town.

Due to the shortage of funds, for more than three years, Var Amu worked and took loans to maintain the development of the "Blackhawks" and the stadium.

  For his righteous deeds, Varam was awarded the title of "2022 Chinese Charity and Filial Piety Figure" by the 8th China Charity and Filial Piety Culture Festival in 2022.

  "The eagle is the totem and belief of the Yi people. I hope that the children can fly higher and farther like the eagles in Liangshan, and fly out of the mountains to change their own destiny." Var Amu said that he wanted to support the children. "Dream" sky.

  In the expectation of his family, Varam went to Chengdu to study after graduating from junior high school.

There, he learned a lot and felt the difference between his hometown and the outside world.

  "The biggest gap lies in values. In the mountains, many parents may think that their children's life is to grow up healthy and have children, but people in big cities have dreams and pursuits, and have countless different plans for life." Varam said.

  When he first returned to his hometown, Varam was strongly opposed by his family.

He said, "The family tried everything possible to get me to 'go out', so that I could lead a better life. But when I came back from school, I wanted more children to be able to 'go out'."

  The average age of the "Black Hawks" team members is 10 to 12 years old, and most of them are left-behind children or orphans.

For them who have never walked out of the mountains, basketball may be the only happiness.

Varam and the "Blackhawks" members embraced by the interviewee. Photo courtesy of the interviewee

  The 11-year-old Gugu Luojiazi was one of the first team members to train with Varam. Both of his parents worked outside.

Because of his love for Kobe, he named himself "Kobe jerk".

In the Yi language, "to provoke" means boy.

  "I made a lot of friends in the 'Blackhawks'. We ate, slept, and played together. Coach Amu even took us to watch professional games. I felt very happy and confident." Guguluojiazi said that basketball brought him not only happiness, but also warmth and strength.

  In 2019, Varam started to hold the "Battle of the Eagles" league for children, leading the players to communicate with teams from all over the world, and tried to share the training routine of the "Blackhawks" on the Internet, so that more people can see the children's enthusiasm for basketball. Simplest love and desire.

  "The video posted on the Internet has attracted the attention, support and encouragement of many basketball fans. They funded materials such as uniforms, sneakers, training equipment, etc. Some well-meaning people will also raise funds to help the poor players." Varam said.

  For more than 3 years, through the "Black Hawk Team", the children went out of Liangshan to various places and saw many things that could not be seen in the mountains.

Photo courtesy of the interviewees of the "Blackhawks" players going down the mountain to participate in the training camp

  "We've been to Beijing and Qingdao, and we've also met Yao Ming and Yi Jianlian. It's like a dream." As one of the most capable players in the team, Shi Naiyi admires star Owen, so he has "Owen jeers." " nickname.

  After he started playing basketball in the second grade of elementary school, no matter where he was, Shi Naiyi would practice with basketball.

He said, "I enjoy the happiness that basketball brings to me, and I also cherish the opportunities that basketball brings me. In the future, I want to be a professional basketball player."

  By witnessing the growth of the children, Var Amu also strengthened his original idea.

He believes that the significance of the existence of the "Blackhawks" is not only to allow children to grow up healthily and happily, but also to encourage them to "chasing their dreams" bravely.

  In the past few years, by visiting various schools and villages in Liangshan, Var Amu found that there are thousands of basketball-loving children in the mountains.

His wish is to set up basketball bases in each area, train more coaches, and "realize dreams" for children.

  "I don't know how long I can continue on this road, but I hope to help the children in the long run. I hope these 'young eagles' can 'fly' out of the mountains through basketball, no matter whether they continue to 'chasing their dreams' in the future. , or returning to Liangshan, is a happy thing." Varam said.

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