Due to a series of new coronavirus infections at facilities for the elderly, Kanagawa Prefecture has newly established short-term admission facilities that temporarily accept elderly people who are infected and need nursing care and find it difficult to recuperate at home or in facilities. announced that it will open

At a meeting of experts on infectious disease control held on the night of the 12th, Kanagawa Prefecture temporarily accepted elderly people who are infected with the new coronavirus and who are difficult to treat at home or in facilities and require nursing care, and provide nursing care and rehabilitation. We announced that we will open a new short-term admission facility in late August.

The facility will be opened in a corner of Sagami Ryokufuen, a prefectural support facility for people with disabilities in Sagamihara City, with up to 30 beds.

The target is people over the age of 65 who have been infected with the new coronavirus and who need assistance in their daily lives but cannot receive assistance due to the spread of infection in their families and facilities.

Resident nurses and care workers will provide daily life assistance and rehabilitation, and once a day, a doctor will visit the patient and provide treatment such as medication and intravenous drip.

Governor Kuroiwa said, "While the medical field is extremely tight, some people are admitted to hospitals and are hospitalized for a long time because they cannot handle elderly care facilities. You may think that there are only 30 beds, but try it. I want to think about it while doing so," he said.