China News Service, Beijing, August 12 (Reporter Gao Kai) On the 12th, WildAid, China Wildlife Conservation Association (CWCA) and China Express Association (CEA) jointly launched #Don't Pay Big Price for Small Items#Public Welfare In the dissemination activities, Wild Rescue Public Welfare Ambassador Huang Xuan actively participated, calling on the public to consciously resist the illegal delivery of wild animals and their products, and called on logistics and express practitioners to strengthen their awareness and ability to identify illegal wild animal products, and cut them off by refusing to accept and reporting. The illegal trade chain of wild animals, protect endangered wild animals and biodiversity.

  It is understood that the "Regulations on the Administration of Prohibited Delivery of Items" jointly issued by the State Post Bureau, the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Security in 2016 clearly prohibits the delivery of endangered wild animals and their products, such as ivory, tiger bones, and rhino horns.

Illegal transportation of wild animals and their products is punishable by a maximum sentence of not less than 10 years in prison and a fine or confiscation of property.

  In 2020, the State Post Bureau issued a notice to the whole industry, requiring all enterprises to strictly implement the inspection system for receipt and delivery, inspect the items submitted by users on the spot, and strictly prevent protected wild animals and their products from illegally flowing into the delivery channels.

It also requires enterprises to stop transportation, sorting and delivery if they find protected wild animals and their products or suspected protected wild animals and their products during transportation, sorting and delivery, and immediately report to the public security and wildlife protection supervisors. Departments and postal administrations and other departments deal with them according to law.

Huang Xuan incarnate as a courier brother, calling for a boycott of the illegal delivery of wildlife products. Photo courtesy of the publisher

  In order to improve the public's legal awareness, the safety awareness and coping ability of delivery practitioners, and to prevent the implementation of wildlife trade crimes through logistics delivery, WildAid, China Wildlife Conservation Association (CWCA) and China Express Association (CEA) jointly launched# Don't pay a big price for small items# Public Welfare Campaign, invited Wild Rescue Public Welfare Ambassador Huang Xuan to shoot a public welfare video, telling how the courier boy and security inspectors helped law enforcement authorities successfully crack a case through standard operations such as acceptance inspections and airport security inspections. The story of a hero who has become a hero to protect endangered species and biodiversity.

  "Public communication is an important tool for wildlife protection work. Through public service advertisements and posters, courier practitioners can realize that they are not only responsible for rejecting illegal wildlife products, but also have the ability to cut off the illegal trade chain through reporting." Wild Rescue Yu Chong, chief representative of the Beijing Representative Office, said, "Their active reporting will effectively help law enforcement authorities track down the flow of wildlife products involved in the case and find the criminal gangs behind the illegal hunting and killing of wildlife and production of wildlife products. At the same time, this dissemination campaign also Carry out publicity and education on the law to the public through social networks, guide the public to consciously boycott the consumption of wild animals and their products, and enhance their awareness of protection."

  After participating in the public service advertisement "Souvenirs May Be Evidence of Crime" as a public welfare ambassador for Wild Rescue and a public welfare ambassador for China Customs' ivory anti-smuggling campaign in 2018, Huang Xuan once again participated in public welfare communication to combat the illegal trade chain of wild animals. Public awareness of the law, crime prevention, protection of endangered wildlife and biodiversity is a very meaningful thing. I am honored to be involved and will continue to contribute in the future."

  Wu Minglu, Secretary General of China Wildlife Conservation Association, said, "China Wildlife Conservation Association and China Express Association and other partners have organized training courses for many express delivery companies to explain to practitioners the discovery and identification of common endangered wild animals in express logistics channels. knowledge and technology of plant products, and organized 11 representative logistics and express companies at home and abroad to sign the "Convention on Self-discipline for Refusal to Deliver Illegal Wild Animals and Plants and Their Products" to strengthen industry self-discipline and help them improve their awareness of wild animals and their products. The prevention awareness, identification knowledge and handling ability of products and dangerous live animals, so as to actively prevent illegal wildlife products transportation crimes.”

  It is reported that the #Don't Pay Big Price for Small Items# public welfare communication campaign has received positive responses from many logistics and express companies: Jingdong Logistics, Fengchao and Cainiao Baobao are the joint communication public welfare partners of this event through their own online and online channels. Promotion and publicity through the following channels.

JD Logistics disseminates public service advertisements and posters through various methods such as express car stickers, logistics boxes, and express cabinet electronic screens. The courier brother of JD Logistics will also participate in the event, calling on everyone to actively pay attention to the protection of endangered wild animals, and use actions to convey the power of public welfare; #Don't pay a big price for small items# Public service advertisements will also be launched on 200,000 Fengchao express cabinet electronic screens and voice broadcast systems across the country, and public welfare posters will be posted on Fengchao's express cabinets in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen; Cainiao will be in 1 The reminder of refusal to deliver endangered wild animals and the QR code of this event are printed on the 100 million express electronic face sheets. The sender/recipient can scan the code to learn the details of the event.

  #Don't pay a big price for small things# Public service advertisements and posters will be held at airports, high-speed railway stations, high-speed rail stations, etc. Public transport stations, subway stations and communities.