China News Service, Suzhou, August 11th (Zhou Jianlin and Zhong Sheng) On the 10th, Wu Yiqin, Bi Feiyu, Fan Xiaoqing, Wang Yao and other famous domestic writers gathered in Feng Menglong Village, Huangdai Town, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou City to jointly start the "village" life and bring Literature is written on the rural land in the south of the Yangtze River.

  Feng Menglong Village is the hometown of Feng Menglong, an outstanding writer and dramatist of the Ming Dynasty, as well as the birthplace of Feng Menglong's history and culture.

In 2019, Feng Menglong Academy, which integrates reading, collection, engraving, and cultural education, was completed and opened to the public.

In 2021, the Mo Yan Book House, built next to Feng Menglong Academy, will open to the public.

The two Chinese literary masters echo each other across time and space.

Today's Feng Menglong Village has also attracted more and more writers to come and have a dialogue with Feng Menglong in ancient and modern times, experience rural life and find creative inspiration.

  Wu Yiqin, member of the Party Group and Vice Chairman of the Chinese Writers Association, said in his speech that Suzhou Xiangcheng can be said to be a window and a microcosm of the great changes in China's new era.

"The stories of people's struggles and entrepreneurship that have happened on this land are valuable resources for Chinese literature in the new era, providing writers with rich writing and expressing objects, and also sending out a warm call to writers."

  "The launch of the activity of 'Feng Menglong Village Resident Writers' will bring new cultural elements to the development of Suzhou and Xiangcheng, and also provide a new platform for writers and artists to deepen their lives and take root in the people." Deputy Jiangsu Writers Association Chairman and Chairman of Suzhou Writers Association Wang Yao sent a message that all literary and artistic creators can contribute to local China and the development of Chinese literature and culture.

  It is understood that the "Feng Menglong Village Resident Writers' Tour" will run throughout 2022.

Under the guidance of China Writers Association and Jiangsu Writers Association, and supported by domestic first-line literary publications such as Harvest, World Literature, Zhongshan, and Shanghai Literature, Feng Menglong Village will regularly invite famous writers to come to the village to create works.

Writers will investigate and visit villages here, and carry out a series of creations to form a batch of local thematic literary works, enriching Xiangcheng's literary creations.

  On the same day, the Creation Base of the Prose Committee of Jiangsu Writers Association and the Creation Base of Suzhou Writers Association also settled in Feng Menglong Village.