[Explanation] A year ago, the Asian elephant herd went north to the south, causing netizens around the world to "chasing elephants" through pictures, short videos, live broadcasts, etc.

Today, this group of Asian elephants has returned home for a year, but in their homeland, Yunnan Province, in the southwestern border of China, there are still a group of people who are "chasing the elephant" and "protecting the elephant" day and night to keep the "human elephant safe".

  [Concurrent] Asian elephant monitor Wu Junhui

  (Through) people tracking to determine the implementation, the number and population and health of Asian elephants, and then through drones, that is, long distance, night, (through) thermal imaging and visible light this (monitoring) to ensure that it is 24 The number and health of Asian elephants can be accurately monitored within hours.

  [Explanation] Recently, the reporter walked into the main habitats of wild Asian elephants in China: Pu'er and Xishuangbanna in Yunnan.

It is understood that in order to avoid the escalation of human-elephant conflicts, the local area hired Asian elephant monitors to monitor the elephant herd by combining manpower and technology, and issued early warnings to the villagers.

Locally, monitors are also known as "Chasers" and "Elephant Guardians", and they follow the elephants all the way.

  [Concurrent] Asian elephant monitor Wu Junhui

  As for (preventing) conflicts between people and elephants, we will use these electronic fences, this kind of elephant prevention project to properly divide some areas for elephants, so as to prevent those who are in estrus or have different temperaments between them. Well, naughty, these accidents are elephants running out of nowhere.

  [Explanation] Recently, a group of wild Asian elephants came to the vicinity of Manke Old Village, Kangping Town, Jiangcheng County, Pu'er City.

Diao Faxing, an Asian elephant monitor, only slept for more than three hours the first day in order to "watch" the elephants.

Once it is found that the Asian elephant will pass through the human activity area, the monitor will notify the nearby people to avoid it through the WeChat group, mobile APP and other forms.

  [Concurrent] Diao Faxing, Asian Elephant Monitor

  Our work (time) is uncertain, that is, sometimes 24 hours, anyway, we must follow the elephant.

To release the activity information of Asian elephants in real time, we will send early warning information to notify local people wherever we go.

  [Explanation] Diao Faxing was originally a truck driver. Out of curiosity about Asian elephants, he became an Asian elephant monitor in 2016.

In the following years, he grew rapidly. He not only knew the map of Jiangcheng County and the habits of Asian elephants, but also mastered the use of drones and Asian elephant monitoring and early warning systems.

  [Explanation] While protecting human safety, Asian elephant monitors are also monitoring the health of each Asian elephant at all times, and will report to the relevant departments in time once any abnormalities are found.

After chasing elephants for a long time, the monitor is very familiar with the elephant herds that are active around the village.

  [Concurrent] Diao Faxing, Asian Elephant Monitor

  For our early warning information release, and our monitor's understanding of the situation of each group of elephants, we have given it (Asian elephant) several names, "row tooth", "left broken tooth" (etc.), just for us For the release of information and the management of target groups, our monitors must understand the structure, habits and temperament of each group of elephants.

  [Explanation] Asian elephant monitors are a profession that is accompanied by danger all day long.

For them, it is their duty to look for traces of elephants and to warn villagers in a timely manner. Maintaining harmony between humans and elephants is the goal. Protecting elephants is also protecting human beings.

  [Concurrent] Diao Faxing, Asian Elephant Monitor

  With so many elephants living in our place, there must be such a team. Every morning, the common people look at our information. If our information does not issue an early warning, he will not dare to go (work). (Elephant group) ) As long as he is near where he works, he can't go, they all know that, so we have a great responsibility.

  Reporter Du Xiaoxiao Han Shuai reports from South Yunnan

Responsible editor: [Yue Chuan]