At 3:00 am on the 12th, Typhoon No. 8 occurred in the sea south of Japan.

The typhoon is likely to approach eastern Japan on the 13th, and there is a risk of heavy rain mainly on the Pacific side.

Please pay close attention to future information.

According to observations by the Japan Meteorological Agency, at 3:00 am on the 12th, a tropical cyclone turned into Typhoon No. 8 over the seas south of Japan.

The central pressure is 1004 hectopascals, the maximum wind speed is 18m near the center, the maximum instantaneous wind speed is 25m, and the strong wind of 15m or more is blowing within 330 km southeast of the center and within 220 km northwest of the center.

The typhoon is moving north at a slow speed and is expected to approach eastern Japan on the 13th.

In eastern Japan, the wind is expected to increase gradually from this afternoon and the waves are expected to rise, and on the 13th there is a possibility of heavy rain, mainly on the Pacific side.

The Japan Meteorological Agency is urging people to pay close attention to landslide disasters, flooding of low-lying land, sudden rises in rivers, and high waves through tomorrow.

Since it overlaps with the Obon season, please check the latest information.