“If you imagine an anticyclone as a kind of ball, then the movement of air in the anticyclone moves clockwise.

This means that on the eastern periphery of the anticyclone, air masses move from the north, northwest, and on the western periphery - from the south.

When two factors enter into resonance - the powerful energy of the sun and the transfer of very warm air masses from the south - then especially hot weather sets in, ”RIA Novosti quotes Vilfand.

He clarified that this is why in Spain, in France, in western Germany the air temperature exceeds 30 °C.

Earlier it became known that Belgium faced the worst drought since 1885, in July the kingdom received less than 8% of the monthly rainfall.

In the UK on July 19, a new temperature record was set: +40.2 ° C was recorded near Heathrow Airport.

The former head of the North Caucasian Center of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Colonel-General of the Internal Service Ivan Teterin, in an interview with Radio 1, urged not to leave the house during a thunderstorm.