Estonia is "discussing" an entry ban for all Russians with a Schengen visa.

That is, for those who have "Schengen" not only Estonian, but also French, German, and what else happens there.

Olaf Scholz has already stated that Germany will not follow the same path.

Let's leave all gasp-sighs about international conventions, human rights and discrimination based on nationality.

There are no rights, there is no bottom either - and let's forget about it.

I am interested in another question: how?

Estonia shares a border with Latvia and has a maritime border with Finland.

In addition, the country has one international airport.

This means that passport control will have to be returned for all flights arriving from the EU, and border guards will also land at the ferry terminal.

Okay, it's possible.

What about the land border, which has been gone for a very long time?

Just put soldiers on the roads so that they check if a Russian is a non-Russian?

No, there are exceptions to the rules, special permissions and all that.

That is, we need real checkpoints, a fence, a neutral zone, and so on.

In other words: Estonia leaves the Schengen.

And then, of course, they will tell that it is Putin who is ruining the European Union with the help of Petrov and Boshirov.

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