On the 11th, 7,660 new people were confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus in Hokkaido, and 10 deaths were announced.

New infections were confirmed in

▽ 3271 people in Sapporo city,

▽ 755 people in Tokachi region,

▽ 600 people in Ishikari region,

▽ 435 people in Asahikawa city,

▽ 428 people in Hakodate city,

▽ 371 people in Iburi region.

▽ 338 people in the Okhotsk region ▽


people in the Sorachi region ▽

260 people in the Kushiro region ▽

199 people in Otaru City ▽

152 people in the Kamikawa region ▽

149 people in the Oshima region

▽ 86 people in the Nemuro region

▽ 79 people in the Shiribeshi region

, ▽

64 people in the Soya region,

▽ 56 people in the Hidaka region,

▽ 38 people in the Hiyama region,

▽ 34 people in the Rumoi region, and

▽ 48 people outside of Hokkaido that the road announced as “others”. 70 people including people,

7660 people in total.

In addition, among the people who have been confirmed to be infected so far, 3 men and women in their 90s and 1 person whose age and gender are unknown, 4 people, and 4 men and women in their 50s to 90s in Sapporo City. Otaru City has announced the deaths of a total of 10 people, two people in their 60s and 90s, both of whom are undisclosed.

With this, the total number of infected people in Hokkaido is 527,462, including 252,516 in Sapporo, and 2,219 people have died.