Do not rush to swear: the guy speaks his mind.

“Russians need to be deprived of visas, because the war in Ukraine is not Putin’s war, but the war of all of Russia,” Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba replied to German Chancellor Scholz.

Scholz said here that he could hardly imagine stopping the issuance of visas to Russians, since the responsibility for the invasion lies with the Russian authorities, and not ordinary citizens.

We are not so simple, by the way.

Kuleba got angry and shouted:

“This is Russia's war, not just Putin's.

Not Putin, but real Russian soldiers come from Russia to kill, torture and destroy.

The Russians overwhelmingly support the war and welcome rocket attacks on Ukrainian cities.

Let then Russian tourists enjoy Russia!”

Good idea, go ahead.

Let everything be as Kuleba says.

At the same time, Russia will become more and more.

And so tourists will “enjoy” more and more.

In general, this would greatly accelerate Russia's turn to the East.

Since the West is generally closed.

Something tells us that if we turn to face the East, and put an iron curtain on the western rear, then Europe itself will soon knock on the door.

A frozen stump.

And you don't have to open it right away.

In a year or three, you can open the window with an iron creak, just a little bit, and look at the white desert, where the long-dead nature began to come to life, and moose, hares and beavers walk around Berlin.

By the way, in Russia it is definitely time to move the capital to Siberia or, better, to the Far East.

That's without delay.

Anyway, after all, everything changes - you need to change the most before inspiration boils over.

Think about the benefits.

First, the capital of Russia will no longer have such a large number of liberals.

They will all be somewhere in Moscow, on the other side of the country.

As in Birobidzhan approximately.

Only in Moscow.

Secondly, it will stir up trade and partnership relations with Alaska.

The whole country misses Alaska.

Thirdly, we will stop discussing Poland and all the Baltic states there.

Because it's god knows where.

We often travel to North Korea.

Finally, Ukraine, or whatever they call it, will become a distant province.

In the provinces, the birth of Russian culture usually takes place, sometimes again.

A lot of advantages!

A completely different picture of the world will emerge in the country.

There will be a lot of new colors.

As in childhood.

Kuleba, press Scholz.

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