China News Service, Beijing, August 10 (Reporter Ying Ni) The TV series "Basic Law of Genius", which ended recently, uses "dual time and space" and "travel" as key words, and it seems that it can be defined as a "travel" drama.

But director Shen Yan bluntly said that this drama is actually using the shell of a parallel world to reverse travel, and the main purpose is to cherish the moment.

  The "Basic Law of Genius", which ended on CCTV-8 and iQIYI recently, according to the data from the Beacon Professional Edition, the peak popularity of the show on iQIYI exceeded 9,300, and it ranked first in the market share of feature films on the entire network for 16 times. .

  Directed by Shen Yan, written by Nie Chengshuai, and produced by iQiyi, Tencent Pictures, and Tongmeng Film and Television, the play is adapted from the novel of the same name by online writer Chang Er. Mathematical genius Lin Zhaosheng, his daughter Lin Zhaoxi, and a high-IQ teenager Pei Zhi struggled hard in the field of mathematics and tried their best to pursue truth and love.

The play expresses dreams, family, love, friendship, and more elements such as parallel worlds and mathematics.

The novel itself has a large number of "book fans" who have been looking forward to the show for a long time. The joining of Lei Jiayin, Zhang Zifeng, Zhang Xincheng and others also makes many audiences look forward to it.

  As the focus of attention in IP copyright film and television, book fans and drama fans, as different audience groups, have both intersections and differences.

How to not only retain the core value of the original work, but also achieve innovative interpretation to gain more audiences, the balance of this degree really considers the creator.

  It should be said that the director must have carefully considered this issue.

First of all, in terms of actor selection, a solid lineup like Lei Jiayin, Zhang Zifeng, Zhang Xincheng, Liu Lin, and Wang Shengdi will make people feel at ease at first sight.

In addition to the degree of fit, the choice of adult actors is also an important consideration.

First of all, Zhang Zifeng who will play Lin Zhaoxi was selected, and then when looking for Lin's father, Lei Jiayin was unanimously approved by the crew, "In fact, after Lei Jiayin joined the group, he said that he had a father-daughter appearance with Zhang Zifeng, just put the photos together and look at them. The species are similar." In an interview, Shen Yan said.

  The intellectual Lao Lin, the Alzheimer's disease Lao Lin, the normal Lao Lin and the deviant Lao Lin, in a day's scenes, the actors are almost neurotic and need to keep jumping back and forth. Shen Yan often can't help but secretly in front of the monitor. applaud.

And the little actor did not disappoint. He gave an example of a scene that was not included in the script and lines—Xiao Hanamaki and Kobayashi traveled to the strawberry world without success, and the two discussed how to live in the future.

Lin Chaoxi said, "Why don't you be my brother."

Xiaohuajuan retorted, "Why are you my sister, why can't I be your brother?" Lin Chaoxi teased, "Look at you", Xiaohuamaki immediately replied, "Look at your strawberry world!"

  "These are the words of the little actor himself, a 9-year-old boy! I laughed when I heard it on the monitor. He can say such precise words in the characters, and I am very impressed by these children."

  Secondly, in terms of plot adaptation, Shen Yan admitted that he was ready to be scolded.

  As a book fan, Shen Yan made no secret of his love for the original book, "I always wanted to make a Chinese version of "When Happiness Comes Knocking", until I saw the original book "Basic Law of Genius", then I secretly told myself: it is it It's gone!"

  But at the same time, "A hundred Hamlet has a hundred Hamlet deduction methods. As a creator, the core of what I see in the original novel is kinship, which surpasses everything else. The second is mathematics, and the parallel world is just us. The tools used, love is placed last. This arrangement is the order of the "Basic Law of Genius" in my mind."

  Regarding the adaptation of Pei Zhi's image, which has been controversial among book fans, Shen Yan explained that the image of Pei Zhi in the novel is "Pei God", which means that he is a "God" in everyone's mind.

But how to write this into a film and television drama, how to perform it?

"Do you want the actors to stand there like gods without saying a word? When it comes to the adaptation, there will be many problems that will not be faced when reading, from plane to three-dimensional, we have to pull 'god' to the position of 'human' Go. Go with our way of thinking, I can't say how well it goes, but I'm trying."

Photo courtesy of the drama photo

  In the novel, Lin Chaoxi walks alone, but in the play, it is changed to a double walk with Ji Jiang.

Shen Yan said that the advantage of double wearing is that it has a paving effect on the relationship between the characters behind.

For example, in the second trip, Ji Jiang became Lin Chaoxi's younger brother. From the story of Xiao Lin and Lao Lin, it extended to the relationship between sister and brother, sister and brother, and the father, which can be expressed in richer content.

Moreover, such changes led to the "contradictions" between Lin Chaoxi and Pei Zhi in the subsequent journey.

  Most of the pictures of Cheese World use warm tones, and the light and shadow change is very obvious. Shen Yan said that this is because it is treated as a happy summer vacation when shooting.

Everything is based on the impression of the summer vacation of children and teenagers, with sunshine, green trees, and a particularly happy and warm feeling.

  From a mental point of view, Shen Yan said, "I think I am at this age, in my 50s this year, and my children are growing up slowly in their teens, which is when I especially want to express this kind of family relationship." It is understandable why he would put the interpretation of family in the first place.

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  From the comment area of ​​the show, we can see the huge gap between book fans and drama fans. The former thinks that you don’t need to watch the drama after reading the original book, while the latter holds many different views, “Director Shen has a strong storytelling ability, he uses parallel worlds. Tell the audience that there will be many different results, and the choice must be careful; letting go of the past and letting go of obsessions is the best self-salvation and liberation. The director makes genius come down to earth, no one is perfect, and talent is true, and at the same time, it can better show the tension of the drama. "

  From the director's point of view, "The time-travel life is actually a cheating life. The best part of all time-travel novels and time-travel dramas is that the protagonist takes the cheating thing to change the world. This is the most refreshing thing to watch. But , how do you say it? Just think about it, and make yourself happier. After that, you have to face the reality." Therefore, Shen Yan admitted that this drama actually uses the shell of a parallel world to reverse travel, and the main purpose is to Cherish the present.

  "Respect the rules and face life head-on", this is what Lao Lin taught the heroine in the play, and it is also what this TV series gives to every audience.