China News Service, Urumqi, August 11 (Reporter Wang Xiaojun) On the evening of the 11th, Hou Yong, deputy mayor of the Urumqi Municipal People's Government, reported the city's epidemic situation and emergency response work, saying: "In the outbreak of Urumqi, the virus gene sequencing is a mystery. Chrono BA.5.2 mutant strain, domestic and foreign studies have shown that the epidemic characteristics and transmission characteristics of this mutant strain and other Omicron mutant strains have not changed substantially, but the immune evasion ability has been enhanced and the toxicity has been stronger. Judging from the increase in the number of cases, the prevention and control situation is still severe and complicated."

  From 0 to 21:00 on August 11, there were no new confirmed cases in Urumqi, and 87 new asymptomatic infections, including 40 in Tianshan District, 17 in Shayibak District, 13 in High-tech Zone (new urban area), and 13 in Shuimogou. There are 13 cases in the district, 2 cases in the Economic Development Zone (Toutunhe District), and 2 cases in Daban City. They are all close contacts of people who have reported asymptomatic infection in this round of epidemics and people who have a history of living in high-risk areas in Xinjiang within the past 7 days. , It was found in routine nucleic acid testing, that is, closed-loop transfer to designated medical institutions for isolation medical observation, and the places involved have been terminally sterilized.

  Hou Yong said that since the static management of Urumqi, it has continued to promote nucleic acid testing, flow traceability and isolation control, and conducted trajectory comparison, review and judgment on asymptomatic infected persons, close contacts, and sub-close contacts. To combat this round of epidemic, it is necessary to fully The society thinks in one place, works hard in one place, and strictly implements various work measures of static management.

"Static management is related to the daily life of each of us, and requires everyone's support and cooperation. There will always be some unpredictable difficulties and difficulties in the static process. The epidemic prevention and control headquarters at all levels are doing their best to coordinate and solve them. Everyone All need to maintain a scientific, rational and healthy mentality.”

On the evening of the 11th, Hou Yong, deputy mayor of the Urumqi Municipal People's Government, informed the city's epidemic situation and emergency response work.

Photo by Zhang Gan

  Hou Yong said: "At present, our epidemic prevention and control is at the most urgent, strenuous and critical stage. Implementing static management is a scientific arrangement to prevent the spread of the epidemic and ensure everyone's health and safety to the greatest extent possible. Threats, everyone is not a bystander. Only by working together and helping each other can we overcome the epidemic as soon as possible. Static management depends to a large extent on individual self-prevention and self-control. Prevention and control of various regulations, no travel, no gathering, and no movement, can reduce the risk of transmission and weave a dense prevention and control network.” (End)