Actor Zhang Guoqiang, who is familiar to audiences for military dramas such as "Soldier Assault", "My Commander, My Regiment" and "My Brother's Name is Shunliu", recently appeared in the criminal investigation drama "The Line of Demarcation" broadcast by Jiangsu Satellite TV.

This time, he is no longer a righteous soldier, but a misguided robber Ma Dongsheng.

Recently, Zhang Guoqiang was interviewed by the Yangcheng Evening News and other media, and shared the shooting experience of "The Line of Demarcation". He said: "Shaping small people is my strength."

Ma Dongsheng is everywhere in life

  "The Line of Demarcation" is adapted from the original novel "Criminal Suspect" by writer Pan Jun, and is written and directed by Pan Jun, starring He Bing and Zhang Guoqiang.

In the play, Ma Dongsheng, played by Zhang Guoqiang, is a 45-year-old laid-off worker who makes a living by delivering bottled water.

In order to raise money for her daughter's medical treatment, Ma Dongsheng desperately robbed a pawn shop because his daughter Ma Jin had a strange illness.

When the criminal policeman Yu Chao, played by He Bing, was trying this case, he found that it was also involved in major cases such as corruption and drug production.

Ma Dongsheng informed Yu Chao of the hidden situation in an anonymous letter and finally chose to surrender.

  Zhang Guoqiang revealed that he was initially set to play Yu Chao and He Bing to play Ma Dongsheng, but the two switched roles later.

Zhang Guoqiang said: "This is very good. You can't apply a character's face to an actor. In life, it is difficult for us to distinguish criminals and police from their appearance. Even if some people look crooked, it does not mean He must be a bad guy, maybe he has a very kind heart. In artistic creation, casting must abandon the stereotypes of the past, and you can't distinguish between good people and bad people by looks."

  In the play, Ma Dongsheng worked hard to pull his daughter to grow up, but her daughter's illness made his life worse.

Zhang Guoqiang analyzed that one of the reasons why Ma Dongsheng went astray was the father's love for his daughter: "There are too many people like this in life. He may have an inconspicuous job, but he carried the whole family. Especially when Ma Dongsheng was the Dad became a mother again. He had to deliver water and take care of his daughter who was going to school. His daughter was his spiritual support, and he was willing to do anything for her. Being forced to add some past grievances, he robbed the pawn shop. Although the pawn shop The relevant personnel also committed illegal and criminal acts, but Ma Dongsheng also has to accept legal sanctions."

  In Zhang Guoqiang's view, Ma Dongsheng is a very contradictory person: "He has a sense of justice and provided great help for Yu Chao to solve the case, allowing the other party to see the corruption hidden behind the case. After committing the crime, he was also very contradictory because he took care of his daughter. She wants to surrender herself after she takes the college entrance examination." Zhang Guoqiang said that Ma Dongsheng is a person who is not easy to see through: "Some people are very real and say what they think of; some people will keep secrets in their hearts, very It's hard to open your heart. Ma Dongsheng is the latter."

  Zhang Guoqiang said that Ma Dongsheng's father is very common in life: "I am a father myself, and I also have fathers and uncles. I unified and digested the 'fathers' I saw in my life, and I shaped Ma Dongsheng's image. This play After filming, when I watch some clips, I also think of what my father was like when he was alive.”

To be an actor, you must experience life

  Ma Dongsheng is a water delivery worker.

In the shot, Zhang Guoqiang is also very skilled when delivering water. He concluded: "I often observe the riding and delivery status of water delivery workers, couriers, and takeaway guys. For their livelihood, they have to quickly deliver things to designated places. So , I will highlight the actions of starting the tricycle, running the tricycle, and stopping to deliver water to make my movements as skilled as possible."

  In front of the camera, Zhang Guoqiang always shrunk his neck and hunched his body. He explained: "Many workers who do manual work don't hunch their backs when they are not carrying burdens or heavy objects. When they are old, they usually hunched over." Before "The Line of Demarcation", Zhang Guoqiang was also not a taboo: "The feeling of being fat in middle age is what Ma Dongsheng needs, so I looked a little fat when filming. Actors just have to approach the characters from all aspects. Next I have a drama this month on the 12th. I started working on it every day, and recently I am losing weight for my character, I hardly eat at noon and at night, and at the same time I strengthen my exercise, and the weight is going down."

  Ma Dongsheng went astray because of love, how to capture the character's feeling?

Zhang Guoqiang's method is to watch a large number of social news cases: "There are all kinds of crime cases in real life, among which there are universal human nature." He emphasized that observing and experiencing life is the homework that actors must do: "To be an actor, you must experience life, The occupation of the role. At the same time, the actor must also be able to observe life, walk around the street more, and carefully observe different people, walking, bicycling, driving, some people are happy, tired, painful... material."

A back figure conveys deep love

  There is a scene in "Demarcation" that is appreciated by the audience.

In the play, Ma Jin, who was reading Zhu Ziqing's famous novel "The Back" in class, suddenly fainted and was sent to the hospital.

When he learned from the doctor that his daughter was going to be transferred to the oncology department, Ma Dongsheng begged the doctor not to let his daughter know about her condition. His stooped back twitched slightly. When he turned around, he saw that his daughter had heard about the condition. He immediately restrained his grief and comforted her. The twists and turns of emotional changes show Ma Dongsheng's love for his daughter in layers.

Talking about this scene, Zhang Guoqiang said: "I really feel Ma Dongsheng's psychological changes, which are restored through performances. Every actor will enjoy this moment." Zhang Guoqiang said that a back figure can express deep love: "When I was a child, my parents pulled Holding my hand, because I am young, I have no special feeling when I see their backs. As I get older, when my father and mother walk in front, I will have complex emotions and intuitively feel their Aging. Similarly, when my children look at me in the future, they will feel the same way. The back of my family can make us feel the passage of time."

  There is an action scene in the play, which also left a deep impression on Zhang Guoqiang.

Once, Ma Dongsheng stalked the criminal who injured his daughter and lost it when he followed to the underground parking lot. At this time, the criminal suddenly restrained Ma Dongsheng by the neck with a tightrope.

"The filming day was really scarred. The actors in the opposite scene didn't dare to exert force. I said you would be really restrained. If you borrow a seat or borrow force, the audience will think it's fake. This is an irresponsible performance of the actors, and I absolutely do not allow it. 'Fake', if you want to do it, you have to make the audience really worry." Recalling the shooting experience that day, Zhang Guoqiang couldn't help feeling that the years were not forgiving, "I want to throw the Wuxing brothers diagonally from the back of the body, and I took seven or eight times. In the end, I couldn't fall, I threw myself to the ground, I really couldn't move, it wasn't like before."

  He Bing, who plays criminal policeman Yu Chao, is Zhang Guoqiang's favorite actor.

Zhang Guoqiang said that he has seen a lot of He Bing's film and television works: "We are all good at creating small characters, and we are all drama actors, and it is very comfortable to play tricks when performing." The pressure is too much, I am suitable for the role of the second male, male third, or even a smaller role. The screenwriter usually writes the characters of these kinds of characters very richly, and creating small characters is my strength. This kind of role can also make the audience I like it, and it's equally dazzling."

 I'm happy for my brother in Soldier Assault

  Zhang Guoqiang has successfully created many military roles, including Gao Cheng, the company commander of the Seventh Steel Company in "Soldier Assault", Zhang Milong, a northeastern soldier in "My Commander and My Regiment", and the commander of the New Fourth Army in "My Brother is Shunliu" Chen Dalei.

The 52-year-old Zhang Guoqiang is still full of desire for the role of a soldier.

He said: "I am now the head of the company, and I can no longer play the company commander of the Seventh Steel Company. Time will leave traces on people's faces, bodies and spirits. Although I am very envious of the youthful atmosphere of actors in their 20s and 30s , but I have experienced life experience, I am also in good condition, and I am more comfortable with everything."

  In recent years, Zhang Guoqiang has played more middle-aged male characters such as "Ma Dongsheng" who have a difficult life.

He said: "I basically play the role of my father now. Although the types of roles will overlap, I will shape each character differently. As long as you work hard to adjust the shape, lines, and mobilize various performance elements, you can shape the character. Brand new characters, not all 'clone sheep' the same."

  Zhang Guoqiang said frankly that he most enjoys the feeling of "thousands of people and thousands of faces" as an actor.

In his view, as a professional actor, one must be persistent in acting, "Before playing each role, I have to experience life, because it is irresponsible to imagine a role based on experience; I would never film a role. In one play, at the same time cameo in another play, even if it is only for a few days; no matter what the quality of the script is, you must do your best to shape the characters and take each play seriously, so as to be worthy of the salary.” In his opinion. , To improve his sensibility and acting skills, he must really integrate into life, so he often wears big shorts to go out, eat on the street, and chat with strangers, "I don't have any baggage, I didn't have it in the past, and I won't have it now."

  "Soldier Assault", which was broadcast in 2007, allowed the leading actors to establish a deep friendship.

In recent years, the brothers have cooperated a lot. For example, Zhang Guoqiang cooperated with Zhang Yi in "The Door of Rebirth" and "Hardware Family", cooperated with Duan Yihong in "Double Detective", and guest starred in the film "Detective Chinatown 3" directed by Chen Sicheng... Recalling the details of the cooperation, Zhang Guoqiang gave an example: "When filming "The Gate of Rebirth", I played Zhang Yi's master. We went up the stairs alternately, one shot to the end. In the play, he always had questions about the case, and every time he walked to a corner of the stairs I want to squat down and listen to what he has to say. At that moment, I felt as if I had traveled to "Soldier Assault" and found the feeling of getting along with Captain Gao Cheng and Squad Leader Shi Jin." Zhang Guoqiang also sighed: "After many years, Zhang Yi's career They have won numerous awards. Duan Yihong, Chen Sicheng, Wang Baoqiang, and Li Chen are also filming, directing, and doing variety shows. They have developed very well, and I am happy for the brothers."

  Reporter Gong Weifeng