There is a need for 15,000 shelters for women

Violence against women is on the rise in Germany

Germany is witnessing an increase in the number of violent crimes against women.


Germany is witnessing an increase in the number of crimes of violence against women, although it tends to decrease in general. There is a recent murder of his wife while she was sleeping, and he claimed that he killed her by mistake while cleaning his pistol, but this did not prevent him from being prosecuted for perfidious murder.

On a street in Berlin, a woman, a mother of six, was stabbed to death, and her husband, whom she separated from, is suspected of having committed this crime.

In the city of Schwalmstadt in the state of Hesse, a woman was shot in a store, and the perpetrator was her ex-boyfriend, who committed suicide after committing his crime.

This is in Germany, which is one of the countries whose constitution stipulates the basic principles of guaranteeing human dignity.

That is why the women's rights organization Terre des Femmes believes that Germany is far behind in government efforts to combat crimes of violence against women.

According to Germany's signature on the Istanbul Convention of the Council of Europe, it has become committed to protecting women from violence, eliminating it and prosecuting its perpetrators, but according to the indicative criteria in the agreement, Germany has so far lacked about 15,000 shelters for women.

A statement issued by the German Association of Women Lawyers warned that - unlike men - there is a real risk for women of being killed or seriously injured if they no longer wish to spend their lives with their ex-husband. gender-based violence with leniency, understanding, or reduced penalties.”

• On a street in Berlin, a mother of six was stabbed to death.

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