A dead man found in Lake Eching is undoubtedly a missing young festival visitor.

"Yes, that's confirmed," said a spokesman for the police headquarters in Upper Bavaria North on Wednesday.

The autopsy of the body of the 25-year-old man should begin in the afternoon.

"But we are still assuming an accident at the moment," emphasized the spokesman.

The young man was missing from his friends on Friday evening after a festival at the lake in the Freising district.

A large-scale search operation using helicopters and dogs was unsuccessful.

"Up until Tuesday evening, we were really looking very specifically for a living and possibly helpless person," said the police spokesman.

With hope dwindling of finding the man alive, a swimmer came across a body in the middle of the small lake, which he, with the help of two women, brought to shore.

Since the appearance and clothing matched, the police very quickly assumed that it was the missing person.

Now came the sad confirmation.