This year's No. 7 typhoon "Mulan" made landfall in the coastal area of ​​Xuwen, Zhanjiang with a tropical storm level around 10:50 on August 10. When it landed, the maximum wind force near the center was level 9 (23 m/s), and the minimum pressure in the center was 99200 Pa.

It is expected that "Mulan" will continue to move north-west at a speed of 20 kilometers per hour, and enter the Beibu Gulf on the afternoon of the 10th, and its intensity will gradually weaken.

Due to the loose structure of typhoon "Mulan" and the strong wind and rain outside, it is expected that there will still be obvious wind and rain in Guangdong on the 10th and 11th, and it is still necessary to continue to do a good job in defense work.

  (Headquarters reporter Zheng Shu, Chen Huiting, Wen Jialiang)