China News Agency, Haikou, August 10 (Reporter Wang Ziqian) This year's No. 7 typhoon "Mulan" (tropical storm level) passed the coastal waters of Hainan on the morning of the 10th and landed in Xuwen, Guangdong.

The epidemic prevention and control in Hainan is carried out in the wind and rain.

  The Hainan Provincial Meteorological Observatory announced at 11:00 that the center of "Mulan" landed in Xuwen, Guangdong at around 10:50, with a maximum wind force of 9 (23 m/s) at the time of landing.

It is expected that "Mulan" will move north-westward at a speed of about 20 kilometers per hour, with little change in intensity.

  The Hainan Provincial Meteorological Bureau continued to issue a level three typhoon warning at 7:20 on the 10th, and the Hainan Provincial Flood Control, Wind and Drought Prevention Headquarters maintained a level three emergency response to the typhoon.

  Affected by the outer cloud system of "Mulan", moderate to heavy rain and local torrential rain have generally fallen on Hainan Island since the 8th, and strong winds of magnitude 7 to 8 have generally occurred offshore.

Haikou New Seaport, Xiuying Port, and Railway Nangang have stopped operations at 14:00 on the 9th, and the Hainan round-the-island high-speed rail and Haikou suburban trains have been suspended on the 10th.

  "Mulan" caused wind and rain in many cities and counties in Hainan last night this morning, making it more difficult to fight the epidemic.

Haikou City conducted the second temporary global static management of this round of epidemic situation today.

The reporter saw this morning that the wind was strong in the urban area of ​​Haikou, and the rain stopped from time to time. Citizens held umbrellas and lined up for nucleic acid testing. Volunteers gave priority to the elderly and children.

  Sanya, the city with the worst outbreak, is currently not much affected by the typhoon.

The Sanya Meteorological Observatory predicted at 11:00 am that there will be scattered showers on cloudy days in the city in the next three hours.

  The Hainan Provincial Meteorological Observatory predicts that, affected by Typhoon "Mulan", there will be heavy to heavy rains and local heavy rains in the western half of Hainan Island on the 10th, and moderate to heavy rains and local heavy rains in the eastern half.

  The meteorological department reminded that the Qiongzhou Strait had strong winds from the daytime to the first half of the night on the 10th, and weakened from the second half of the night. The relevant departments should make preparations for navigation in advance.