As the spread of the new coronavirus spread, the Tokyo Fire Department announced that there was a case in which it took more than 35 hours from the time a man in his 70s infected with the new corona was requested to be transported to the hospital.

According to the Tokyo Fire Department, a man in his 70s living in Tokyo was confirmed to be infected by a test when he was rushed to a medical institution in Tokyo due to a foot injury this summer.

The man was transferred to a medical institution where he could receive treatment for both injuries and the new corona, but it took 35 hours and 47 minutes to be transported because he could not find a recipient.

In emergency transportation related to the new corona, the longest time so far was 23 hours and 35 minutes last summer when the fifth wave of infection was spreading.

In the jurisdiction of the Tokyo Fire Department, there are an increasing number of cases in which it is difficult to transport emergency patients related to the new corona, and the number of infected people increased sharply in the fourth and fifth weeks of last month. and nearly triple the number for the same period the previous year.