The female-themed drama series is "new" again, and the TV series "Second Embrace" has recently started broadcasting.

The play revolves around the choices of work, life and childbirth faced by modern women. The four urban women in the play have their own characteristics, showing the strength and resilience of mature women.

In addition to telling about the conflict between family and career, the play also tells the process of women recognizing their own value and social value, and is called the "sister riding the wind and waves" by the audience.

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 Four women have their own point of view

  The protagonists of "Second Embrace" are four young women, media person Fang Yuan, gallery curator Jin Lu, ordinary lawyer You Xiaozhu, and mysterious piano teacher Ding Mumu. The lives and careers of these four women have various accidents. The line is spot on.

  Fang Yuan, played by Chen Shu, is a full-time wife. Her husband, Li Cheng, is a partner of a music company. Originally, the husband and wife were loving and living in affluent economic conditions, but suddenly suffered a major change.

Li Cheng's music company was struggling, and he invested the company's mortgage loan in online wealth management.

Fang Yuan chose to change his identity and returned to the workplace after 8 years, trying to save his marriage and life.

The beginning of this storyline creates enough dramatic conflict, and Fang Yuan played by Chen Shu well embodies the femininity of "being strong for a mother", mortgages the house, helps her husband pay off debts, and can go to the mall to sell bubbles for the children's interest class Water, in order to help Li Cheng keep his job, he poured a bottle of red wine and fought for himself and his family.

  Jin Lu, played by Zhang Xinyi, is a dashing sister who walks in the corridor of a dilapidated residential building in a dress ordered at a high price.

She was divorced at the age of 33. Although her marriage was unsatisfactory, her career was on the rise. Unexpectedly, she suddenly became pregnant, putting her in a dilemma.

In the play, Jin Lu is a representative of shrewd, capable and financially independent women, as well as a representative of the theme of women's mutual assistance.

When Fang Yuan was ridiculed by other parents at the school gate, she grabbed Fang Yuan's waist, smiled at her and said, "I'm here", turned to fight back at the other parents, "What are you talking about, speak louder?" He raised his arm and let Fang Yuan hold it. The mutual support between women was full of strength and warmth.

  Ding Mumu, a private piano teacher played by Zhou Fang, is a very mysterious character.

She raised her daughter alone and moved frequently to avoid her ex-husband.

You Xiaozhu, a lawyer played by Ma Su, is unable to devote herself to her work at all due to her husband's escapism from reality and family responsibilities, and the workplace frequently flashes red lights.

In this role, the family gives priority to everything, and treats the husband, mother-in-law and children with all kinds of patience and accommodation, and takes care of the family in every possible way.

But the role of her husband is not so pleasing. The character swings between "being unable to take care of himself" and "unwilling to give up", causing the husband and wife to be devastated by the problem of buying a house.

Is You Xiaozhu's "Second Happiness" re-embracing the dream of an elite lawyer, or returning to the family?

Its growth line is exciting.

Housewives standing on the cusp

  In recent years, urban emotional dramas about 30+ women's families, careers, and lives have easily resonated with women and exploded. The temperature and heat are very high.

These dramas are good at telling about the sacrifices and choices of modern women towards life and family. From marriage, original family, mid-life crisis and other plots that cause women’s anxiety, to full-time mothers, housewives returning to the workplace and other topics to inspire women to realize their self-worth, they are on social networks. has caused a lot of discussion.

  In the TV series "Our Marriage" broadcast some time ago, the heroine Shen Huixing has a high education but chose to be a full-time mother for six years. From raising children to buying a house, decorating, and moving, she has performed her mother's duties brilliantly. Has a strong sense of self and has a strong need to realize self-worth.

From a full-time mother to returning to the workplace to play the value of a top student in the financial department, this "self-realization" choice caused a high degree of discussion when the episode was broadcast at that time.

  From the "Little Joy" series to "Our Marriage", many episodes show the new contradictions of the times: housework, parenting and work issues.

At first glance, the content is very suitable for life, but because there is no in-depth research and analysis of the problem, the real crux of the problem cannot be found. The actual effect is a lot of flaws, and the setting of the "Shuangwen" big heroine often appears.

For example, Shen Comexing in "Our Marriage" is an atypical housewife. She is not only a small expert in family life, but also does not forget to improve herself. At the same time, she insists on the hobby of rock music. mother” and the standard of female self-actualization.

  In the TV series "Battle of the Roses", which was just launched recently, the setting of the heroine is also set on the value of "self-realization".

The story begins when the heroine Gu Nian's husband falls into a crime and exposes the fact of cheating. The full-time mother, Gu Nian, resumes her old business and returns to the workplace.

This drama has the feeling of the American drama "The Good Wife".

At the beginning, Gu Nian brought a plate to a friend and delivered food to a friend. When she re-entered the workplace, she was targeted by an old employee of the company. It took her 30 minutes to scan and copy the work, and another new employee could scan it with her mobile phone. This kind of re-entry was done. The setting of being crowded out by colleagues and unfamiliar with business in the workplace is exactly the same as Fang Yuan in "The Second Embrace".

  The popular "Wife's Choice" broadcast some time ago also tells the inspirational growth story of a housewife's nirvana rebirth, and also adds the audience's favorite "catching rape" plot.

The female characters on the screen have left the vortex of the struggle between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law in "Beautiful Era of Daughter-in-law", and have left the stereotype of fighting wits and courage with a third party in "Thirty Only" and "Wives' Choice", as if they have fallen into "searching for oneself" again. a fixed routine.

The positioning and topics of these female-themed dramas are similar. "Her topic" revolves around the story of "a housewife facing her husband cheating, divorced decisively, returned to the workplace, and successfully reached the peak of her career". This kind of "dream-making" plot not only does not No matter how novel it is, it also reveals a taste of "shuangwen" on the Internet.