What kind of museum is built on the site where ancient animal fossils were buried?

  Located in the National Geopark of Hezheng Paleontological Fossils, Gansu Province, the Birch Forest Ancient Animal Fossil Burial Site Museum is the most abundant three-toed horse fauna fossil origin in the Geopark.

It has a history of 11 to 5 million years.

  In addition to the specimen exhibition of paleontological fossils, it also preserves the original appearance and excavation process of paleontological fossils millions of years ago, which is very precious.

  The exposed area of ​​fossils in the original burial area of ​​the Hualin Pavilion is 3,200 square meters. The fossils produced are huge in quantity, rich in variety, well preserved and of high quality.

  This is the epitome of the origin of fossils in the Hezheng area. The buried fossils are not only huge in quantity, high in quality, and rich in variety, but also in unique burial methods, which are rare red clay burials.

(Produced by Ma Ruhai Gao Ying Gao Ying)

Responsible editor: [Luo Pan]