A number of EU member states (the Baltic republics, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium, the Netherlands) no longer issue entry visas to Russian citizens.

Moreover, especially zealous ones, such as, for example, the Estonian or Latvian leadership, not only do not give visas themselves, but also offer to consolidate this practice at the pan-European level.

What even has logic.

The disappointment that some Chukhonian kikimora forbade entry into their Estonia is great, but not very much.

You can survive.

But there are more interesting and attractive countries.

For example, Italy and France.

In this case, the 1930s German-style entrance sign “Russians are not welcome here” might be more distressing.

And the goal is precisely to sting all Russians on the principle of collective responsibility.

V.A. directly speaks about this.

Zelensky, and the Baltic tigers echo him.

Of course, in some cases (for example, the inability to meet close people or even pay them the last debt), the measure can be painful.

But if we confine ourselves to simple tourism (that is, do not take into account separation and the last kiss), then even now, before the visa bans, one does not really want to travel to Europe.

For even with a visa, and even with a multiple one, and even with a five-year one, you will have to overcome great difficulties and inconveniences.

Firstly, after the West stopped recognizing Russian bank cards, non-cash payment for services became impossible.

Including hotel reservations.

As well as booking a variety of tickets.

Secondly, how to get to the sacred stones of Europe?

Planes do not fly directly.

There are no former flights Moscow-Frankfurt or Moscow-Paris (six or more cars a day), and it is not known when they will be.

Of course, there is a solution for everything.

Serbia, Turkey, even the UAE are doing golden business with connecting flights, their transit airports are flourishing.

But it takes three times more time, and flights with transfers are much more expensive.

When you need to get to the same Paris, even with a carcass, even with a scarecrow (and then in a roundabout way back), you have to put up with the hardships of a detour, but if a person goes to rest, then the epic genre about Ilya Muromets and the Nightingale the Robber -

The straight road is jammed,

The path has choked up, it has covered up;

There are five hundred versts on the straight path,

And the roundabout path is a thousand -

does not contribute to the attractiveness of the holiday.

Thirdly, speaking Russian in the Paris metro — and not only in Paris, and not only in the metro — can cause aggression on the part of the heroes of Ukraine, who are inclined to fight Russian invaders far from Donbass and Kherson.

With the apparently condescending attitude of the police.

An attack is not always guaranteed (there are not so many heroes of Ukraine - they can’t burst!), But a calm trip or a walk is not guaranteed either.

Meanwhile, security is an important factor in tourist attraction.

A person goes on a tour to relax, not to strain.

Fourth, the energy crisis reduces the level of comfort.

In the old days, in the summer heat, the air conditioner worked powerfully, and in the winter cold, the rooms were heated and you could ask for more heat.

When the prices for heat and electricity have increased several times, the owners of hotels cannot work at a loss.

Guests will either prickle from the cold, or pay an exorbitant price for housing.

Miracles don't happen.

As well as the dramatic rise in fuel prices dragging the prices of consumer goods.

Even for a croissant and a cup of coffee.

For, we repeat, miracles do not happen.

Of course, not only 1 thousand years ago, but even just 200-300 years ago, everything was much less convenient.

Who saw Vienna and Paris, Venice and Rome in those days, had to put up with much less comfort and less security.

During the litanies even now they pray for those who are sailing and traveling, as those who are subjected to all the difficulties of the path.

If someone is ready to courageously endure the hardships and hardships of camp life (and still quite moderate, in other parts of the world it happens much worse) - why not?

In the hands - a pilgrim's staff, on the shoulders - a knapsack, and forward.

But the old idea of ​​Europe as an earthly paradise, where - at least for a wealthy tourist - there is neither sadness nor sighing, needs to be corrected.

However, they will say: should one be likened to a fabulous fox who blasphemed grapes that were inaccessible to her?

Yes, green - no ripe berries:

You will immediately set the teeth on edge.

Maybe it should, maybe it shouldn't.

But aren't the current European grapes really completely green?

And in fact, the price / quality ratio is even now such that you give everything - and not enough?

There are serious doubts here.

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