Regarding the "state funeral" of former Prime Minister Abe, which will be held on the 27th of next month, civic groups have jointly held a meeting and announced that they have launched an executive committee to oppose the state funeral.

The press conference was held on the 10th by lawyers, constitutional scholars, and representatives of civic groups.

At the press conference, he said that the incident could never be forgiven, and that the people were divided on whether to approve the state funeral, that there had not been sufficient debate in the Diet, and that he was forced to offer his condolences. He complained that his liberty was being violated.

Attorney Kyoko Oe, who was interviewed, said, "While there are many people who are living in poverty due to the corona crisis, it is not the time to use tax money for state funerals."

After that, she revealed that 45 groups nationwide jointly launched an executive committee this month to oppose the "state funeral", and indicated a policy to hold a large-scale opposition rally in front of the Diet in the future. rice field.

On the other hand, regarding the implementation of the state funeral, the government said, "For the longest period in history, he assumed the heavy responsibility of the prime minister and left a great record in domestic affairs and diplomacy." We do not seek political evaluation or mourning for each individual."