Yesterday (10th), the rain clouds that went down to the Chungcheong area came up again.

It started raining again from last night in the metropolitan area and southern Gyeonggi-do.

We will connect to the weather center to learn more about today's rain news.

Please tell us about Ahn Su-jin Caster.

<The Weather Caster>

It's raining again in Seoul as the fickle congestion front goes up and down.

It's not raining heavily, but as you can see from my side now, the parking lot in Tancheon, Seoul looks like this.

If you look at the current radar image, these rain clouds are centered around the Seoul metropolitan area and Chungcheong and the west.

In particular, in Pyeongtaek, where there are strong rain clouds, it is raining at around 45mm per hour.

Heavy rain warnings were issued along with rain clouds, and heavy rain warnings were also issued for some areas in Gangwon, southern Gyeonggi, Chungnam and North Chungcheong, and northern Jeollabuk-do.

Up to 150mm of heavy rain is expected in the northern part of Chungcheong by tomorrow.

And in Yeongseo and northern Jeollabuk-do regions, a lot of rain of up to 120mm or more, and in Chungnam and northern Gyeongbuk inland and Jeonbuk regions, a lot of rain of 50mm up to 100mm is forecast.

As it has already rained a lot, accidents have occurred all over the place.

The heat wave will continue in the southern regions where rain clouds do not reach, and it will continue to rain today in southern Gyeonggi-do and also in the southern Yeongseo and southern regions until tomorrow, and the rain will stop in the afternoon in Seoul.

In the southern regions, we will continue to be cautious of the heat wave.