China News Service, Tianjin, August 8th (Wang Zaiyu Cui Jingsheng) On the morning of the 8th, the reporter learned from the 13th China Art Festival Tianjin Publicity Work Briefing that the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Beijing Municipal People's Government, Tianjin The 13th China Art Festival, co-hosted by the Municipal People's Government and the Hebei Provincial People's Government, will be held from August 20 to September 15.

For the first time, Tianjin will be the organizer to carry out four major themed activities, including: "Wenhua Award" (drama category), "Qunxing Award" (drama, folk art), the National Performing Arts Cultural and Creative Expo and the Excellent Calligraphy and Seal Cutting Exhibition. Come to a wonderful cultural feast.

  It is reported that the China Arts Festival, as the highest-level, largest and most influential national-level comprehensive cultural and art event in China, has been successfully held for 12 sessions since its establishment in 1987.

As the organizer of the first China Art Festival, Tianjin will hold the event in Tianjin Grand Theater, Chinese Theater, Binhu Theater, Wuqing Theater, Binhai Performing Arts Center, etc. National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin), Tianjin Art Museum held a number of theme activities.

At that time, guests from the highest level of the central academies and troupes directly under the central government, professional literary and art groups across the country and cultural and tourism departments of various provinces and cities, well-known domestic performing artists, experts and scholars, group literary workers, and nearly 600 performing arts, cultural and creative institutions and enterprises will gather in Tianjin. There will be nearly 100 performances in the major theaters, and there will be more than 100 cultural benefit performances held in various districts of the city at the same time. It is estimated that 250,000 people will watch the theater performances and exhibitions, and one million people will participate in cultural benefit activities.

  At the briefing, Li Zhuo, deputy director of the Tianjin Bureau of Culture and Tourism, said that in order to welcome the upcoming 13th China Art Festival, starting from the first half of this year, the Tianjin Bureau of Culture and Tourism will coordinate with various departments in The venue has undergone technical facilities upgrades and safety inspections, reserved the surrounding reception venues, and coordinated with the four key event development areas of Binhai New District, Jinnan District, Hexi District, and Wuqing District to cooperate with a large number of cultural volunteers to undertake the art festival. The reception work ensures that the first China Art Festival hosted in Tianjin can be successfully completed in a safe and orderly manner.