China Weather Network News three days from today (August 9), the tropical depression in the South China Sea will bring strong wind and rain in Hainan, and the rain will be the strongest tomorrow. There will be local heavy rainstorms and strong coastal winds. The public should pay attention to the latest typhoon trends in time. , pay attention to safety in offshore operations.

  At 5:00 this morning, the center of the South China Sea tropical depression is located in the central and western part of the South China Sea, about 110 kilometers west of Sansha City (Xisha Yongxing Island) in Hainan Province. Moving in the northwest direction, the intensity is slowly intensifying, and may intensify into the No. 7 typhoon this year around this evening, with a maximum intensity of tropical storm level (8-9, 20-23 m/s), tomorrow afternoon to evening on Hainan Island It made landfall along the coast from the northeast to the west of Guangdong (level 8-9, tropical storm level).

  Affected by this, Hainan will encounter obvious wind and rain for three days from today.

The Hainan Provincial Meteorological Observatory predicts that there will be moderate to heavy rain, local heavy rain or heavy rain in most parts of Hainan today.

Forecast for cities in Hainan.

(Source: China Weather Network)

  Tomorrow, the rain will intensify in all parts of Hainan. Except for the central and eastern regions, there will be heavy rains on cloudy days in most areas, and local heavy rains will strike.

  The day after tomorrow, the rain in various parts of Hainan weakened, and the province was cloudy with thunderstorms.

  In addition, affected by the tropical depression in the South China Sea, the winds along the coast of Hainan will also be relatively strong, among which the winds along the eastern coast will reach magnitude 6-7.

  Meteorological experts reminded that three days from today, the tropical depression in the South China Sea will bring strong wind and rain to Hainan, and its intensity is still increasing, or it may become the No. 7 typhoon "Mulan" this year. The local public and relevant departments need to pay attention to the latest typhoon updates. Trend, the fishing boats in the past returned to the port in time to take shelter.