And I like Zelensky’s call to ban all Russian citizens from entering the West.

Not because I am a supporter of the Iron Curtain, but because I really want to see how the same European Union will try to live not only without Russian oil and gas, but also without the money that Russian tourists leave there during their holidays.

I will explain.

I myself come from a resort town located on the Black Sea coast, which, by the will of someone else's whim, ended up as part of Ukraine.

And I know perfectly well what Russian tourists are.

Those who do not skimp on orders in catering establishments, leave generous tips, do not bargain in the market, recklessly buy in shopping centers and, without trifles, can buy up half of the souvenir shop at a time.

And it doesn't matter where the Russians rest - in Odessa or in Nice.

Our approach to rest is the same everywhere.

Therefore, in every branded store in Europe there are Russian-speaking sellers, and in taverns there is a Russian menu and waiters who speak tolerably great and powerful, and in every decent museum there is a Russian audio guide and booklets.

And now, after two skinny covid years, when the entire tourism industry is already breathing its last, the favorite of the Western public decided to give her a test in the head.

Because the Russians must suffer!

And deprived, according to the cunning Ukrainian plan, of French croissants, Italian shopping and Spanish bullfighting, they should immediately go to overthrow Putin.

Or at worst start to grumble.

Due to excommunication from the Vienna Opera and Oktoberfest.

Without which (according to Ukrainian legends) the Russian soul toils and finds no peace.

Simply put, Zelenskiy craves isolation.


For all Russians, regardless of their views and attitudes towards Ukraine.

Therefore, it requires the return to their native land of all traitors and defectors.

Including Galkin, Sobol, Volkov and other oppo-liberal people, a significant part of whom in Russia are already waiting for the warm and open arms of Comrade Major.

This is what Zelensky's call is to my liking.

However, there is a nuance.

It's called the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Article 13 which states: every person has the right to move freely and choose his place of residence within each state + every person has the right to leave any country, including his own, and return to his country.

Freedom of movement, in short.

And Zelensky wants to deprive us of this freedom.

Only on the grounds that we are Russians, and in Ukraine they believe that Russians are not people and therefore must suffer.

Better yet, take a breather.



Including infants.

If not from American truckers, then at least from melancholy.


Without which, as they believe in Ukraine, we cannot live in peace.

Of course, no one, except for individual great powers like Estonia, will take such a step.

For, firstly, this is a blatant violation of human rights, and secondly, the money does not smell.

Even if they are Russian.

Although no.

Especially if they are Russian.

Therefore, the Ukrainian president can cosplay Hitler as much as he likes, but his Wishlist will remain wet and greasy dreams.

For virtual reality, in which the whole world is with them, and objective reality, in which this very world needs to somehow survive in the conditions of the impending winter and the crisis that goes hand in hand with it - these are, as we say in Odessa, two big differences. .

Between them is an abyss.

Financial, economic and political.

Only her most devoted friends are ready to voluntarily fall into it solely because of love for the Square.

Which actually turned out to be not so much.

However, if the idea of ​​isolating the Russians does not work out, Zelensky will not be particularly upset and will come up with something else.

Luckily he has a rich imagination.

Yes, and he clearly does not experience a lack of substances that expand its boundaries.

Instead of an epilogue:

- Have you been abroad?

— In Berlin, in Prague.

Did you go there on official business?

I didn't go, I walked.

- As a tourist?

— No, in the infantry.

Film "Thirty-three".

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