"'She's too old for this!'

Queen Letizia's look divides fans as she wears short Zara dress" ("She is too old for this!!". Queen Letizia's 'look' with

a Zara minidress

divides her fans)", they collect in the international media All because the Queen has dared to wear

a shorter dress than is advisable for 'a woman of her age'

(apparently, from I don't know how old we have to hide our knees because they make us 'ugly').

It is not the first time (nor will it be the last), in which Letizia is vilified because the style of the day is not typical of "

a woman of her age".

In a post whose author I can't remember, this 'specialist' on the subject (obviously, I'm not) put her back and forth for daring to wear a high ponytail, a hairstyle, according to this expert, absolutely inappropriate for

' a woman her age'

, because we all know, she argued, that precisely at 'that age', women's hair becomes so thin and poor that it is best to be discreet, not try to comb our hair as if we were young and, if possible, cut our hair in the style that

best suits us at our age


Carolina Herrera already said it: "Only women without class wear long hair from the age of 40".

The criticism of Letizia's minidress (these apostles of ageism don't talk about her great legs) reminded me of an article from a couple of years ago in which

Madonna was prosecuted for doing things that

were not typical of a woman of her age

like singing and dancing for hours on stage or hooking up with ephebes 40 years younger than her, 'customs' that, needless to say, tend to provoke admiration when those who have them are their professional colleagues... men.

That piece, about which I wrote in a TELVA post, in addition to turning my guts up, made me reflect on the road that we all have left to travel in this matter of overcoming that

recalcitrant ageism

that, unfortunately, continues to pigeonhole us, especially to women, since we are born and that, with the arrival of maturity, becomes a real pain in the ass.

Because, raise your hand who is not up to the very tagline "how well she is ... for her age"?

Wouldn't it be more accurate to say that it's fine, period?

I am very afraid that, as my admired Isabel Serrano-Rosa, psychologist and director of EnPositivoSi, says, "women of all ages should always carry a sign in our minds that says '

I don't let myself be carried away by the prejudices of society

in the one I live in' because in each age we have to jump over someone".

That said, does anyone really care how old Letizia is?

PS: happy holidays everyone.

I leave you that I am going to release a perfect 'minidress'... for my age!

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