In Kawanishi Town, Yamagata Prefecture, where homes were flooded due to record-breaking rainfall, volunteers helped remove household goods that were submerged in muddy water.

Due to the record heavy rain from the 3rd of this month, at least 53 buildings in Kawanishi Town were confirmed to have been flooded as of the evening of the 6th, including 24 above-floor floods and 29 below-floor floods.

In response to this, the town's social welfare council began accepting volunteers to help clean up from the 7th, and about 60 people from inside and outside the prefecture participated.

During the daytime, under the strong sunlight, the volunteers worked with the residents to remove household goods such as cushions and tatami mats that had been soaked in the muddy water.

At the site, the earth and sand that flowed into the residential area were dry and dusty, and the volunteers were working by changing dirty masks.

A man in his 30s from Yonezawa who participated as a volunteer said, "I want to do my best to clean up so that the residents can create an environment where they can live comfortably as soon as possible."

Tamiko Aida, a resident, said, "When the water flooded up to the floor, I was in a panic.