For Jane Fonda, there is no longer any question of going under the knife to slow down the effects of aging.

And if the 84-year-old actress had a facelift in the past, she regrets it today.

“I think we all know a lot of rich women who've had all kinds of facelifts, and they're horrible.

I had a facelift and stopped because I don't want to look deformed.

I'm not proud of having done it, ”she explained to


, before noting that many women developed an addiction to this type of intervention.

But if Jane Fonda takes this position regarding cosmetic surgery, it is also to show that aging is not inevitable.

Don't be afraid to grow old

"I'm almost 85 and I don't look that old," continued Jane Fonda, not without admitting that her fortune was a definite advantage, beyond her genes, to afford gym, care and healthy food.

“So (I want) to make young people stop being afraid of getting old.

That they realize that just because you're a certain age doesn't mean you have to stop living, having fun, having boyfriends and girlfriends, making new friends, or anything whatever takes your fancy,” the

Grace and Frankie

star added .


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