Rest assured, Brad Pitt is absolutely not about to retire!

It must be said that the actor had chosen his words badly during a recent interview with


in which he said he was in the "last semester or quarter" of his career.

What stir up the rumor of a near retirement from Hollywood.

So the star took advantage of the premiere of

Bullet Train

, his new film, last weekend to rectify the situation.

“No, what I mean… I really need to work on my way of expressing myself.

I was just saying, you know, I'm past middle age and I want to be careful how I choose the last things (that I'm going to do),” he explained to Deadline.

Day by day

“I've never been one to make five-year plans.

I just do what feels right for the day.

I continue to operate in this way, ”continued Brad Pitt.

So here it is, Brad Pitt will not disappear from the screens anytime soon and you can already go and find him in theaters in

Bullet Train


David Leitch's action movie has just been released!


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