Recently, Shanghai Jiading police arrested a "disguised thief".

Since the beginning of July 2022, the theft suspect Pei has not only stole the express delivery on the shelf in the community many times, but also used wigs, clothes, shoes, etc. to disguise himself as a woman in an attempt to evade police investigation.

  The police arrested the suspect at his home.

In Pei's home, the police seized a large number of stolen goods such as sports shoes, smartphones, brand earphones, ornaments, health care products, cosmetics, etc., as well as female wigs, clothes, shoes and other dress-up props.

After interrogation, the suspect Pei explained that, driven by greed, he stretched out his hand to steal the criminal facts of express delivery stored on the shelf of the community.

In order to hide from the public, after many successful attempts, Pei also used various costume props to disguise himself as a woman in an attempt to confuse the public.

  (The video of Yue Ziyan produced by reporter Li Shuzheng comes from Jiading Branch of Shanghai Public Security Bureau)

Responsible editor: [Ye Pan]