China News Service, Nanchang, August 6th (Huashan Liu Yujie) This summer, Liu Xihong, a 16-year-old boy from Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, received an admission notice from Tsinghua University.

Due to a family change, Liu Xihong was raised by his grandparents as soon as he was born, and the old couple only depended on street stalls and a meager income to live on.

Although Liu Xihong is in adversity compared to other families, he still stands out and is about to start his study life in the "Mathematics and Applied Mathematics" major in top domestic universities.

  "The child was brought by our husband and wife from birth. At that time, we didn't have a job, so we only went to a street stall to sell socks, sunglasses, and sometimes Liangpi." Liu Xihong's grandmother, Gao Aiying, told reporters that because there was no one to take care of her, she had to set up a stall by herself. Take the little grandson, sometimes the child is sleepy, so he sleeps on her lap.

On August 5, Liu Xihong was studying in a cramped room at home.

Photo by Liu Lixin

  "Of course I'm not a genius, but I may have worked harder." After the news of Liu Xihong's admission to Tsinghua University spread locally, he was called a genius boy by the neighbors, but he didn't take it seriously.

In order to study, Liu Xihong never even had an extracurricular life. Even during the summer vacation, he insisted on studying from 8:00 in the morning to 12:00 in the evening.

  When the reporter asked, have you attended cram schools since you were a child?

Liu Xihong replied playfully, "I went to school, I went to elementary school."

  Liu Xihong also told reporters that the person he admires most is Mr. Qiu Chengtong, an internationally renowned mathematician, and the major he was admitted to just happened to make him a student of Qiu Chengtong, but he humbly said that he felt that the distance between him and Qiu Chengtong was getting bigger and bigger. Far.

"Because after entering his class, I realized how big the gap is between myself and him."

On August 5, Liu Xihong was studying in a cramped room at home.

Photo by Liu Lixin

  Grandson Gao Aiying, the grandmother who raised him, expressed reluctance to leave his grandson thousands of miles away for further studies, but she also hoped that he could go out and fulfill his dream.

  "He said since he was a child that he would be admitted to Tsinghua University and become a scientist. I hope that his future ideals can also be realized. It will be even better if he becomes a scientist and can contribute to the construction of the motherland." Gao Aiying's eyes were a little wet.