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Cinema, the Nazi regime's weapon of mass distraction

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Cover of the book “The actresses of the Third Reich” by Isabelle Mity © Editions Perrin

By: Sylvie Noël Follow

As soon as Hitler came to power, the regime wanted to compete with American productions, to find the Dietrich of Nazi cinema.

But he found himself faced with a haemorrhage of talent, artists going into exile to escape repression, or not to condone Nazism.

This is what Isabelle Mity describes in

The Actresses of the Third Reich - Splendors and Miseries of Nazi Hollywood Icons

, published by Éditions Perrin.

Throughout the pages, a succession of often tragic destinies.

Isabelle Mity, who teaches German language and civilization at Paris Dauphine University, talks with Sylvie Noël.

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