Beyoncé heard Kelis' criticism and acted on it.

The title


, on his new album


, has been modified: there is no longer any trace of the sample of


, the hit of his colleague.

Indeed, Kelis had criticized the interpreter of

Crazy in Love

for having used his song without even having informed him.

An anger that can be understood, since Kelis had previously told how, at the start of her career, she had naively signed the contract offered by Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo of the Neptunes.

The artist had declared to the


to have been “scammed” by the duo of producers who had “outrageously lied to him” at the signing of their contract on the sharing of royalties.

These same Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo who therefore produced the title of Beyoncé,



Scams and empowerment

By discovering "like everyone else" Beyoncé's new album, Kelis therefore denounced the "lack of respect" and "integrity" of the "three incriminated parties".

“My real anger is not only against Beyoncé.

(…) The problem is that not only are we women, but black women, in this industry which has few.

We met.

We know each other.

We have friends in common.

It is not difficult to contact each other.

(…) All these things she sings about empowerment, I don't talk about it, I live it.

Because the truth is, all this female empowerment stuff only matters if you actually do it.

If you really live it and make the way.

It's not enough to talk about it, ”she said in two videos posted on Instagram.

Pledge that Beyoncé has heard and understood her.


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