While the number of people recuperating at home is increasing rapidly due to the spread of the new coronavirus, there was a case in which an elderly patient with terminal cancer in Tokyo was infected with corona and died at home because an ambulance could not be found even though an ambulance was called.

The doctor who examined him appealed, "I want you to reconsider what is the reason why severely ill patients cannot be hospitalized even though about 50% of the hospital beds in Tokyo are vacant."

"Hinata Home Clinic Sanno" in Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo, provides home visits to nearly 500 patients, mainly in Ota Ward and Shinagawa Ward.

On July 28, the wife of an 83-year-old man who had previously been diagnosed with terminal cancer of the cecum and was recuperating at his home was in poor health.

When the doctor visited and examined him around 6:00 pm, the oxygen level in his blood dropped to 90% and he was in a dangerous state of drowsiness, and as a result of an antigen test, he was infected with the new corona. Confirmed.

After a doctor consulted with his wife, he called 119 and asked for an ambulance.

Eventually, the ambulance arrived in about 20 minutes, and the doctor handed over to visit another patient.

About 3 hours later, before 10:00 p.m., the doctor visited again and found that he was still unable to be transported to the hospital. I was.

The man complained of shortness of breath and his oxygen level had dropped to 84%.

Doctors decided to treat him at home as much as possible, giving him oxygen with an oxygen concentrator.

A doctor was present until just before midnight, but at around 4:00 am the next morning, his wife called the clinic saying the man had stopped breathing and was unresponsive.

Around 9:00 a.m., a doctor went to his home and confirmed that the man had died.

It's been about half a day since the infection of the new corona was confirmed.

The doctor said to the man's wife, ``It was not enough for us to be able to transport him to the hospital,'' and she quietly put her hands together.

The cause of death on the death certificate was written as a new coronavirus infection.

Kazuma Tashiro, the director of the clinic who examined him, said, "There is a good chance that it would have been better if he had been hospitalized at an appropriate time and led to prompt treatment. As a medical professional, I am truly sorry that I could not provide 100% medical care. Tokyo. In the capital, about 50% of the hospital beds are vacant, but hospitalization is not possible, and it is very difficult to see where the cause lies, and the frontline is feeling indignation. I want you to review the hospitalization method once again so that people who are in hospital can be hospitalized."