Ashton Kutcher set foot in the

That'70s Show

basement again , and the least we can say is that it made him feel weird!

Yes, the actor who played Michael Kelso and his wife Mila Kunis have found Wilmer Valderrama, Topher Grace, Laura Prepon, Debra Jo Rupp, Kurtwood Smith, as well as Tommy Chong to shoot a spin-off called

That'90s Show

and developed by Netflix.

A strange moment

“We shot it.

It's fun and it's weird.

It was super nostalgic and really weird to go back to the basement.

Just being back on set was weird.

And then, to be with everyone too,” Ahston Kutcher told Entertainment Tonight on the sidelines of the premiere of


, his new film, for which no release date has yet been announced for France.

But despite this feeling of strangeness that seized him, the actor is very enthusiastic about the result.

According to him, this new series is simply “crazy”.

"The mere fact that it's happening is delusional," concluded Ashton Kutcher.


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