1,450 domestic and foreign films signed up for the "Tiantan Award" [The 12th Beijing International Film Festival will be held next month, and Li Xuejian will serve as the chairman of the jury]

  Directed by the State Film Administration, hosted by China Central Radio and Television Station and Beijing Municipal People's Government, and organized by Beijing Municipal Film Bureau, Beijing Radio and Television Bureau, Beijing Radio and Television, Beijing Huairou District People's Government, and Beijing Enterprises Group Co., Ltd. The Beijing International Film Festival will be held in Beijing from August 13th to 20th.

  On July 28, the Organizing Committee of the 12th Beijing International Film Festival held a press conference, announcing that the theme of this film festival is "One Heart and One Heart". development process.

  A collection of masterpieces

  Foreign films come from 88 countries and regions

  According to reports, this year's "Temple of Heaven Award" has a total of 1,450 films registered worldwide, a 63% increase over last year. Among them, there are 1,193 foreign films from 88 countries and regions, with rich themes and excellent works.

The finalist films are: Turkey/Poland/Germany/Denmark co-production "Anatolian Leopard", American film "Jenny Hotline", Thai film "Speed ​​and Love", French film "Full Time", Chinese film "Hai De" The End is Prairie, the Indian film "Jay Beam", the Chinese film "Back to Tibet", the Chinese film "Chasing the Moon", the Indian film "Indian Assassin", the Chinese film "Mom!"

", Finnish film "A blind man who does not want to watch "Titanic" and so on.

These shortlisted films constitute a splendid and eclectic audio-visual feast, building a bridge for the cooperation and exchange of Chinese and world films.

  The 12th Beijing International Film Festival invited a number of heavyweight Chinese and foreign guests to form a jury.

The chairman of the international jury of this year's "Tiantan Award" is Li Xuejian, a famous Chinese actor. The other six members of the jury are Chinese director Guo Fan, British director Cowens, Argentine director Lucezia Martell, and Italian director Michelangelo. Fran Martino, Chinese actor Qin Hailu and Chinese director and actor Wu Jing.

Among them, Argentine director Lucezia Martel is the chairman of the jury of the Venice International Film Festival in 2019. This participation in the Beijing Film Festival is also her first time to participate in the Asian Film Festival exhibition.

Director Michelangelo Fran Martino has just been officially announced as the chairman of the jury of the "Lion of the Future" section of the Venice International Film Festival.

Such a strong jury lineup has also accumulated people's expectations for the Beijing Film Festival.

  Beijing-Hong Kong cooperation promotes the prosperity and development of Chinese films

  This year's Beijing Film Festival activities include the "Tiantan Award" award, opening ceremony and red carpet ceremony, Beijing screening, Beijing planning and theme forum, Beijing market, film carnival, college student film festival, closing ceremony and award ceremony, "Film +" nine major events The main section, and continue to cooperate with iQIYI to hold the two-week "Beijing Film Festival on the Cloud" online.

  In addition, this year marks the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the motherland. The Beijing International Film Festival and the Hong Kong International Film Festival will carry out in-depth cooperation. At the opening ceremony, the two film festivals will release a cooperation agreement to strengthen the training and exchanges of young filmmakers from the two places.

Filmmakers from the two places will express their confidence and determination in the win-win cooperation between Beijing and Hong Kong films and promote the high-quality development of Chinese films.

  On August 20, at the closing ceremony of the 12th Beijing International Film Festival, the ten major awards of the "Temple of Heaven Award" were grandly announced, ushering in a highlight moment for outstanding filmmakers.

  Light and shadow event

  "Beijing Screening" brings together more than 100 masterpieces

  Every year, the Beijing Film Festival invites film fans to a long-awaited light and shadow event.

This year's "Beijing Screening" of the Beijing Film Festival selects more than 100 outstanding Chinese and foreign film works, which will be screened from August 12th to 21st.

  The high-profile "Tiantan Award" shortlisted films and "Focus on the Future" nominees will be screened in Beijing to meet fans.

Specially planned to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the motherland, the "Special Exhibition: The New Dynamics of Hong Kong Films in the Wave of Light and Shadow" will show the latest Hong Kong films and the latest restored versions of classic films.

  In addition, the key screening films include: the retrospective exhibition of representative works of Greek film master Theo Angelopoulos, the newly released Japanese high-reputation animation work "King of Dogs" in 2022; the award-winning work "Alcala" at the global film festival last year The latest digitally restored versions of film history classics such as "Antoine Pentalogy", "The Last Waltz" and "Moonrise".

  This year, iQIYI's "Northern Film Festival on Clouds" will continue to innovate and upgrade, so that the dream of light and shadow will come from the clouds.

The scale of the film festival is nearly 100, and 9 units are set up, including "Special Exhibition · Welcome to the 20th National Congress", "Special Exhibition · 'Tiantan Award' Review of the Works of the Chairman of the Jury", "First Perspective", "Argentina Film Week", and "New Wave of the Internet". .

  "Master Class" promotes filmmakers to communicate

  The Beijing Film Festival has always been committed to providing practitioners with an exchange platform for colliding ideas and sharing new knowledge.

This year's Beijing Planning and Theme Forum series of activities are led by the theme of building a powerful film country to help the healthy and high-quality development of China's film industry.

The "Film Power Forum" focuses on playing a macro-guidance role.

The theme of the opening forum is "Forging a New Journey - Light and Shadow Keep Burning Dreams of the Future"; the themes of the other two forums are "Exploration, Pursuit and Creation of 'Peak' Film Works" and "Innovation and Improvement of Film Criticism in the New Era" , focusing on the two key issues of film development, film peak creation and film criticism, and exchange views on wonderful creations and film and television reviews.

The guests currently attending the forums related to the Beijing Film Festival include Yu Dong, Gong Yu, Li Weiqiang, Wang Changtian, Wang Jianer, Wang Zhonglei, Zhao Haicheng, Zhuang Yan, Rao Shuguang, Hao Rong, Hu Zhifeng, etc.

  The film festival will also hold a master class with two judges, Li Xuejian and Ke Wensi, who will be invited to share their practical experience and cutting-edge views from the level of creation and production, and to talk about the light and enthusiasm they have for their film dreams.

  Latest News

  Discover new talents and new works to stimulate creativity

  As the wind vane of the film industry, the Beijing market has always assumed an important function of promoting industrial services, focusing on the latest developments in the frontier of the industry and exploring the latest trends in the development of the industry.

  On the basis of the existing official website platform, "Cloud Market" has landed on Baidu's "Xiyang" Metaverse Space for the first time, creating the world's first "Metaverse Movie Palace".

The high-profile venture capital unit has reached a new high in the number of applications. After three rounds of screening, 853 works were finally presented to several judges including Er Dongsheng, Zhang Yuqi, Liang Lin, and Zhu Weijie.

More than 300 young directors with short film shooting experience signed up for the Beijing Film Festival's "Venture Capital Training Camp". The theme of "Beijing Future" will be closely linked to the core of science fiction. It is planned to shoot and launch 5 short films, and will be invited for the first time. Actors such as Guo Tao participated as art consultants.

  In addition, the film carnival of the Beijing Film Festival was held from August 14th to 27th, with the theme of "chasing dreams, light and shadow, and shadows to the future". Around five venues, 48 ​​immersive cultural activities were launched as a whole, and the short video competition was integrated for the first time. , Filmmaker's Happy Run, and themed activities in the game, animation, and film unit.

  "Film +" in-depth cross-border integration and innovation

  The "Film+" event during the 12th Beijing International Film Festival will allow film art to superimpose more cross-border new ideas, reflect technological innovation, and allow more people to break through the walls to participate in "film culture" and enjoy it.

"Weibo Movie Night", "Beijing International Sports Film Week" and "China Beijing Movie Night" will be unveiled as events of the Beijing Film Festival for the first time, further exerting the influence of the Beijing Film Festival in driving film-related industries and serving the general public. .

  In addition, the film festival will also hold the "Focus on the Future" unit, the "Love One" movie series concerts on the golden curve, the game animation film unit, the "Power of Editing" forum, the "Brand Helps Chinese Films" public welfare live broadcast, and the E-creation volunteer. cross-border integration activities such as activist actions.

  Expansion effect

  Animated promotional video freezes Chinese culture

  Produced by the Beijing International Film Festival Organizing Committee and produced by CMG's "Pa Deman" studio, the animation promotional video for the 12th Beijing International Film Festival was also officially released.

The protagonists of this animated short film are twelve zodiac Fuwas, which are shot by stop-motion animation. Stop-motion animation is one of the oldest and most classic types of animation. Every second is composed of 12 frames. Frames need to be placed and shot 12 times by the animation designer alone. The use of stop-motion animation to promote the Beijing International Film Festival is a tribute to the filmmakers.

All the characters, scenes and props in this cartoon are miniature landscapes made by reducing the real size. One of the antique courtyard houses is made of mixed materials, and the production cycle is as long as 500 hours. Everything is for the ultimate presentation of 30 seconds, which is also the characteristic of the movie.

  The cartoon shows the openness and tolerance, simplicity and innovation of Beijing, endows the Beijing film culture and film market with a unique temperament and charm, and also makes the Beijing International Film Festival unique.

  Expand the "circle of friends" of the film industry

  The Beijing International Film Festival is a love letter to filmmakers. With the integration and integration of Chinese films with the world, the Beijing Film Festival has become a stage where Chinese films and world films complement each other.

  The guest country of the 12th Beijing International Film Festival is Argentina, and the Argentine Minister of Culture Powell was invited to deliver a video speech at the opening ceremony of the Beijing International Film Festival. At the same time, it continued to focus on the cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region and invited the film and television industries of ASEAN countries to deeply participate in the Beijing market activities. .

  Each Beijing Film Festival is a milestone in a journey of light and shadow, and a brand new starting line.

After 12 years, the Beijing International Film Festival has continued to move forward in terms of specialization, internationalization and marketization, and has become a window for the world to watch Chinese films.

  Shortlisted Videos

  Er Dongsheng's new film was shortlisted for the main competition unit

  "The End of the Sea is the Prairie" shows the moving past and national feelings

  The 12th Beijing International Film Festival, which will open on August 13, officially announced yesterday the finalist film for the "Temple of Heaven Award": directed by Er Dongsheng and adapted from the real historical event of "Three Thousand Orphans Entering Inner Mongolia" The End is the Prairie", officially shortlisted for the main competition unit.

  Yesterday, the film party released the pilot posters and some stills for the first time: Chen Baoguo, Ma Su, A Yunga, Wang Qiang, Luo Yichun, Wang Churan, Huang Yao, Bai Yufan, Cao Jun, Zhang Mingen, Ding Chengxin in the film are all exposed, and there are many more. Mongolian actors and veteran actors joined in to help out.

  "The End of the Sea is a Prairie" is based on real historical events: in the late 1950s, New China suffered a serious natural disaster, and a large number of orphans in the south faced a crisis of nutritional deficiencies.

At this juncture, the party committee and government of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region took the initiative to invite the central government, and based on the principle of "take one, live one, and strengthen one", about 3,000 orphans from southern cities were taken to the prairie and handed over to the simple and kind-hearted herdsmen they adopt.

Here, children far from home will learn to integrate into new environments and families, and face new families.

And all their unease and pain will be resolved one by one by the true love and great love in the world.

  "The End of the Sea is the Grassland" has a strong cast: Chen Baoguo plays Du Sihan, who embarks on a "sister-seeking journey" in his later years, and vividly shows the urgent and uncertain mood to find relatives; Ma Su plays the "prairie mother" Saren Na, for this reason, she studied Mongolian seriously, and played the role in Mongolian throughout the film; Ayunga from Inner Mongolia was "electrically shocked" for the first time, and the image of her debut on the big screen was very contrasting; Wang Qiang played "Prairie Brother". "The young Du Siheng played by Namuhan and Luo Yichun is a pair of unrelated grassland brothers and sisters. The emotion between the two is delicate and touching; Ding Chengxin plays the young Ma Zhengyuan, who showed good acting skills for the first time on the big screen.

A group of actors with both strength and charm present a sincere and moving story to the audience.

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