The 12th Beijing International Film Festival will be held from August 13th to 20th [The list of the "Tiantan Award" jury is announced, with Li Xuejian as the chairman; 1,450 domestic and foreign films signed up for the "Tiantan Award", and 16 were finally shortlisted]

  Directed by the State Film Administration, hosted by China Central Radio and Television Station and Beijing Municipal People's Government, and organized by Beijing Municipal Film Bureau, Beijing Radio and Television Bureau, Beijing Radio and Television, Beijing Huairou District People's Government, and Beijing Enterprises Group Co., Ltd. The Beijing International Film Festival will be held in Beijing from August 13 to August 20, 2022.

On July 28, the Organizing Committee of the Beijing Film Festival held a press conference, announcing that the theme of this film festival is "One Heart and One Heart". .

  The number of films participating in the "Tiantan Award" increased by 63% compared with last year

  This year, the number of films registered for the "Temple of Heaven Award" worldwide reached 1,450, a total increase of 63% compared with last year. Among them, foreign films came from 88 countries and regions, totaling 1,193, with rich themes and excellent works.

The 16 finalist films are: Turkey/Poland/Germany/Denmark co-production "Anatolian Leopard", American film "Jenny Hotline", Thai film "Speed ​​and Love", French film "Full Time", Chinese film "Full Time" At the End of the Sea is the Prairie", the Indian film "Jay Beam", the Chinese film "Back to Tibet", the Chinese film "Chasing the Moon", the Indian film "Indian Assassin", the Chinese film "Mom!"

", Finnish film "A Blind Man Who Wouldn't Watch "Titanic", German/Iraq/Qatar co-production film "Entrance Exam", French film "Real Family", Spanish film "Good Boss", Swiss film "Swing" , Bolivia/Uruguay/France co-production film "Our Homeland".

  The chairman of the international jury of this year's "Tiantan Award" is Li Xuejian, a famous Chinese actor. The other six members of the jury are Chinese director Guo Fan, British director Cowens, Argentine director Lucezia Martell, and Italian director Michelangelo. Fran Martino, Chinese actor Qin Hailu, Chinese director and actor Wu Jing.

Among them, Argentine director Lucezia Martel is the chairman of the jury of the Venice International Film Festival in 2019. This participation in the Beijing Film Festival is also her first time to participate in the Asian Film Festival exhibition.

Director Michelangelo Fran Martino has just been officially announced as the chairman of the jury of the "Lion of the Future" section of the Venice International Film Festival.

  Beijing and Hong Kong film festivals to release cooperation agreement

  The activities of this year's Beijing Film Festival include "Tiantan Award", opening ceremony and red carpet ceremony, Beijing screening, Beijing planning and theme forum, Beijing market, film carnival, college student film festival, closing ceremony and award ceremony, "Film +" 9 It will continue to cooperate with iQIYI to hold the two-week "Beijing Film Festival on the Cloud" online.

  In addition, this year marks the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the motherland. The Beijing International Film Festival and the Hong Kong International Film Festival will carry out in-depth cooperation. At the opening ceremony, the two film festivals will release a cooperation agreement to strengthen the training and exchanges of young filmmakers from the two places.

Filmmakers from the two places will express their confidence and determination in the win-win cooperation between Beijing and Hong Kong films and promote the high-quality development of Chinese films.

  Beijing Film Festival releases Chinese zodiac stop-motion animation shorts

  On July 28, the press conference announced the zodiac stop-motion animation short film produced by CMG’s Deman Studio. In the film, the 12 zodiac Fuwas are sitting in an old alley with an enamel pot of popcorn, waiting for the hand crank. The projector was playing slowly, full of childhood fun and Chinese style, and the 12 zodiac lucky babies created by the traditional craftsmanship of clay figures sent an invitation to everyone, "Come on, you are here!"

  This animated short film was produced by CMG Deman Studio after four months. Every move was carefully crafted, paying tribute to the original intention with ingenuity, and igniting enthusiasm with love. From the old-fashioned popcorn making process to the open-air movie screening scene in memory, it is full of vivid details. , create warm animations with the wonderful touches on your fingertips.

  Focus 1

  "Beijing Screening" held "Beach Screening" in Qinhuangdao for the first time

  Every year, the Beijing Film Festival invites film fans to a long-awaited light and shadow event.

This year's "Beijing Screening" of the Beijing Film Festival has selected more than 100 outstanding Chinese and foreign film works, which will be screened from August 12 to 21, 2022.

The high-profile "Tiantan Award" shortlisted films and "Focus on the Future" nominees will be screened in Beijing to meet fans. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the motherland, the "Special Exhibition: Wave of Light and Shadow · New Dynamics of Hong Kong Films" will be held. ” section, showing the latest restored versions of recent and classic films from Hong Kong, China.

In addition, this year's film festival "Beijing Screening" also held a "Beach Screening" event for the first time on the blue coast of Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province.

  This year’s Beijing Film Festival will also focus on screenings: a retrospective of Greek film master Theo Angelopoulos’ representative works, the newly released Japanese high-profile animation “King of Dogs” in 2022, and the last year’s global masterpiece “King of Dogs”. Alcalás" and "A Little Thought" will also show the latest digitally restored versions of films such as film history classics "Antoine Five", "The Last Waltz" and "Moonrise".

  Focus 2

  More than 300 young directors signed up to create the sci-fi theme of "Beijing Future"

  This year's "Beijing Planning and Theme Forum" series of activities is led by the theme of building a film powerhouse to help the healthy and high-quality development of China's film industry.

  The theme of the opening forum is "Forging a New Journey - Light and Shadow Keep Burning Dreams of the Future"; the themes of the other two forums are "Exploration, Pursuit and Creation of 'Peak' Film Works" and "Innovation and Improvement of Film Criticism in the New Era" , focusing on the two key issues of film development, film creation and film criticism, and exchange views on wonderful creations and film and television reviews.

The film festival will also hold a master class by two judges, Li Xuejian and Ke Wensi, inviting them to share practical experience and cutting-edge views from the level of creation and production, and to pass on the light and heat they have radiated about their film dreams.

  On the basis of the existing official website platform, "Cloud Market" has landed on Baidu's "Xiyang" Metaverse Space for the first time, creating the world's first "Metaverse Movie Palace".

The number of entries in the venture capital unit reached a new high. After three rounds of screening, 853 works were finally summarized in front of several judges including Er Dongsheng, Zhang Yuqi, Liang Lin, and Zhu Weijie.

More than 300 young directors with short film shooting experience signed up for the "Venture Capital Training Camp" of the Beijing Film Festival. Themed "Beijing Future", they will create and shoot closely with the core of science fiction, and launch 5 short films. Guo Tao will be invited for the first time. and other acting actors to participate as art consultants.

  Spotlight 3

  "Movie+" superimposes more cross-border innovations for the first time into "Weibo Movie Night", etc.

  The "Film Carnival" of this year's Beijing Film Festival will be held from August 14th to 27th. With the theme of "Dream, Light and Shadow, Shadow to the Future", around five venues, 48 ​​immersive cultural activities will be launched as a whole, and will be integrated for the first time. Short video competitions, filmmakers happy run, game animation film unit theme activities.

Among them, centering on "children to the future", "dance to the future", "towards the future", "love to the future", and "heart to the future", in the Deer World Theme Park, Shadow City Flower Sea, Yangsong Town Comprehensive Cultural Center, accompanying video Five venues, Liangtian Leisure Area and Tongniu Film and Television Town, have made wonderful appearances, and many activities such as garden tours, food and beverages, and movies have been jointly held, allowing the general public to experience the charm of film culture in an interactive way, and comprehensively demonstrate "come to the film city for the weekend". The new achievements of Huairou and the new look of the development of Huairou Cultural Tourism.

  The "Film+" event during the 12th Beijing International Film Festival will superimpose more cross-border new ideas on film art, reflect technological innovation, and allow more people to immersely participate in "film culture" and enjoy it.

"Weibo Movie Night", "Beijing International Sports Film Week" and "China Beijing Movie Night" will be unveiled as events of the Beijing Film Festival for the first time, further exerting the influence of the Beijing Film Festival in driving film-related industries and serving the general public. .

In addition, the 12th Beijing International Film Festival will also hold cross-border integration activities such as the "Focus on the Future" unit, the "Love One" movie series concerts on the golden curve, and the game animation film unit.

  Beijing News reporter Zhou Huixiaowan